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Steps To Install Thermal Paper Roll In Receipt Printer

Thermal paper rolls in POS printers are common in almost every retail outlet or restaurant. Moreover, due to the ease of gaining payment proof in a short time, POS paper rolls are gaining favor. These thermal paper rolls are made in different sizes, colors, and other specifications that can be accommodated in more than one type of POS receipt printer.

In addition, roll printing paper is created to make them user-friendly, with detailed information on how to change receipt paper without too much effort. With that being said, here is an easy-to-understand blog on how to load receipt paper that will aid you in the proper way of adding machine paper rolls to the receipt printer.

Placing a thermal paper roll in a receipt printer

The way to install a paper roll in a receipt printer is quite easy. First, pressing a lever on the printer’s cover helps you lift the cover upwards. Then, after removing the empty thermal paper roll from the receipt printer, place the new roll according to the orientation provided on the receipt printer machine.

Always ensure that the thermal coating of the roll is facing outwards. Otherwise, the receipts will not be printed correctly, and there will be no records of transactions. Once the above is completed, pull out a portion of the thermal paper roll passing the cutting edge of the printer.

Remember to check that the roll stays stretched and does not unravel. After this, snap down the lid, or the feed will not be done properly. So now that the main steps of installing a new roll of printing paper into the receipt printer have been mentioned, it is time to understand the entire process in detail.

Detailed steps for new paper roll installation

Although the steps on how to put paper in a receipt printer into the receipt printer have been explained. There is much more detail and precaution that needs to be considered before starting the entire process. Here we get to know the intricacies that come into focus while making sure that the thermal paper roll is inserted the correct way to ensure error-free, high-quality printing:

  • Switch off the printer

Once the previous thermal paper roll has been used, remove it and switch off the printer.

  • Prepare the thermal paper roll

Prepare a new thermal paper roll from the box and check which way to put paper in the printer.

  • Match the thermal paper roll with the printing machine

Ensure the paper roll selected matches the POS printer’s specifications from the brand website or the printer body.

  • Eliminate the glue and remove a part of the paper

Remove the sticky part of the thermal paper roll, and pull out about an inch of the paper.

  • Open the receipt printer

After that, press the “open” button on the thermal paper printer and remove the used paper roll and core.

  • Insert a new roll and pull out the paper

Place the new paper roll inside the slot and roll out a small portion of the thermal receipt paper.

  • Close the printer and turn it on

After closing the cover of the POS printer, tear off the paper and switch on the printer.

  • Turn the machine on

After completing the previous steps, switch the machine on.

  • Test the receipt printer

Print a test receipt to check if the paper has been installed correctly.

  • Check the print quality and paper orientation

If there is an issue with the receipt printer or the thermal paper roll, check the direction of the thermal paper while placing it.

In the previous section, you got a detailed understanding of how to install a paper roll in receipt printers. Now that we have understood the most important parts let’s move on to the most important precautions you need to remember while adding machine paper roll to the receipt printer.

Important things to remember while installation of paper rolls

The following precautions need to be kept in mind while you install a paper roll in the receipt printer.

  • Printable side check

Check the thermal paper roll for the coated side before loading the roll onto the receipt printer.  

  • Keep an eye on the receipts

Make sure to keep checking the red line on the receipt, which indicates that the existing thermal paper roll will be finishing soon.

  • Proper storage for long usage

Place the box of thermal paper rolls purchased with the original box in a cool, dry place away from light to ensure that the thermal paper rolls can be used for a long time.

  • Test paper for print quality

For single-sided thermal paper, incorrect loading will create a blank receipt on both sides. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the thermal paper is loaded correctly.

  • Check the power supply

Before you start changing the thermal paper roll, ensure that the receipt paper printer has been disconnected from the power source.


The information provided in the previously mentioned headings describes the steps to help whoever needs to add machine paper roll to receipt printers. The detailed description of each step and the precautions given here will help you safely complete the entire process. At Graphic Tickets and Systems, professionals provide high-quality, environmentally friendly thermal paper rolls that fulfill your requirements.  They also make sure to help you understand the entire process of changing the printer paper rolls while also providing helpful tips on staying safe from any sudden mishaps or incidents.

Additionally, their expertise in creating the best quality receipt paper for several different models of receipt printers ensures that you get the exact type of roll printing paper that suits the receipt printer model used for the POS system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which way does receipt paper go in?

A receipt paper goes into the receipt printer with the coated side facing outwards. It is important to remember that the thermal paper roll should be placed to come out from below in the same way as that of a toilet roll.

What is used for printing receipts?

Receipt printers are used to print receipts for different POS systems. These are seen in different industries but most importantly in areas directly involved in sales like restaurants, retail stores, etc.

Why do receipts turn black?

Thermal paper receipts turn black when they are exposed to heat or light, and it occurs when thermal paper receipts are improperly stored or exposed to too much heat while being restored for financial reasons.

What are thermal paper receipts?

Thermal paper receipts are made with specialized paper coated with chemicals that react to heat and create images or text. Therefore, it is necessary to store all forms of receipt paper in a cool, dry area with minimal exposure to light and moisture. They can be identified by the bright and smooth appearance of the surface.
Alternately it is known as the thermal side of the paper and creates images or text when exposed to heat from a thermal receipt printer. Due to its ease of usage, thermal paper receipts are used in e-commerce, finance, and retail sectors.

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