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    Custom Printed Parking Tickets

    You probably need customized printed parking tickets if you charge motorists for using a parking lot. Generally, any assigned access area can benefit from customized printed parking tickets.

    Custom printed pay & display paper rolls are easier to extract, identify, and verify while also tricky to duplicate. These benefits give customized display paper rolls an upper hand against e-tickets that often get affected by poor internet connection and unpredictable system glitches.

    Considering the benefits, here’s all you need to know about custom printed parking tickets and how Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) can help you acquire them.

    What are Custom Printed Parking Tickets?

    You would typically give custom printed parking tickets to motorists who want access to a parking spot. These tickets clearly state the access area, date, time of entry and exit, the total duration, and the amount to be paid for the services.

    Any business entity can make use of customized printed parking tickets. In addition, government agencies, institutions, and private entities can use custom printed parking tickets to charge vehicles for accessing a parking spot.

    GTS provides customized parking tickets for the following OEMs:

    • Amano
    • Cale
    • Design
    • Digital Payment Technologies
    • Federal
    • Global Parking Metro
    • Luke
    • Hectronic
    • Metric
    • Parkeon
    • T2 Systems
    • TIBA
    • Ventek
    • WPS

    Ideas for Your Custom Printed Parking Tickets

    You can extract so much more from parking tickets if you customize them. These are some of the top ideas for customized printed parking tickets:

    1) Company Details

    A custom printed paper roll without your company details is like a GPS without an address. What’s more, it is easier to forge parking tickets that don’t have company logos.

    When customizing your pay & print paper roll, make sure that the following company details appear on the tickets:

    • Your company name
    • Logo
    • Address
    • Contacts

    If these details are missing in the parking ticket, the likelihood of being short-changed by motorists and losing your revenue is high.

    2) Time

    To calculate how much a motorist owes, you need to charge for the duration used to access your parking area. In this case, create a filler space for:

    • Entry time
    • Exit time
    • Total duration

    Depending on your pay per specified duration, these details will provide a breakdown of the total charges. Failure to address the time factor in your custom printed parking ticket may result in parking disputes.

    3) Charges

    This detail is almost apparent. The only reason you are producing parking tickets is to get paid.

    Therefore, include a section indicating the total charges motorists owe you after factoring in the duration they utilized your parking area.

    4) Details of the Vehicle

    You must include the registration number and model of the car for clarity. Note down the correct details to avoid disputes that may lead to litigation.

    5) Location

    Where exactly in your parking area did the motorist access? Unfortunately, that is not obvious in case a dispute arises regarding charges or penalties.

    Fortunately, most parking areas have addresses. Develop a grid system for your parking area and mark them accordingly to make it easier for drivers to identify their vehicle’s location.

    Whenever a motorist needs access to your parking area, it is easier to know available space and which one to offer them. It will also prevent common disputes among motorists regarding parking spots.


    It’s almost impossible to predict the correct price of a custom-printed parking ticket job. That’s because several factors will determine the cost of the customized parking tickets.

    Here are the factors that will you will consider when settling on a custom printed parking ticket design:

    a) Identify the User’s Needs for the Printed Parking Tickets

    Different motorists will have varying ways of accessing a parking space in your parking lot. You will thus need different customized tickets to cater to these needs.

    For instance, some motorists will pay a lump sum for the entire month, while others will have preferential status and free access to the parking. Therefore, you will need to produce customized parking receipts to cater to their specific use cases.

    b) Your Budget

    Depending on your reasons for customizing parking tickets, there is probably a template that will fit your budget. Companies providing pay & display paper rolls for custom printing will charge you based on the following:

    • Desired quantity
    • Preferred printing direction or design
    • Coloring needs
    • Your printers make

     c) Make it Attractive

    Irrespective of your reasons, budget, and design, make sure your customized printed parking ticket is eye-catching. An eye-catching printed parking ticket is essential because it acts as a useful marketing tool for your business as well.

    d) Use the Correct Typeface

    There is no point issuing a custom printed parking ticket if the details therein are ineligible. Use the correct typeface and size that your customers can read and understand. 

    e) Be Concise and Straightforward

    You may feel tempted to splash your custom printed tickets with colors to make them stand out, but that may backfire. Sometimes simple is better and more attractive.

    Don’t include unnecessary details, and avoid using too many colors to achieve this. Too much information and complex designs make your tickets lengthier and increase your budget.

    Conclusion – How GTS Provides Custom Printed Parking Tickets

    Many companies provide custom-printed parking tickets. However, if you settle on Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) as your supplier, you are in safe hands.

    GTS manufactures and supplies quality customized printed parking tickets with security features. With the wide range of colors you can choose from, GTS provides the following for various businesses:

    • parking violation tickets
    • pay and display thermal receipts
    • mobile printer rolls.

    Whether you run a small or large operation, you can be confident GTS will handle your order. We have several warehouses in most major cities, making manufacturing and delivery a pain-free experience for our customers. Contact GTS today to place your order for custom printed parking tickets.

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