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Enhance your ATM paper transactions with our premium stock and custom products.

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Parking Tickets

Turn a larger profit on all parking paper applications: citations, mobile printer paper, and pay & display receipts.

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Maximize your mobile printing earning potential.

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Save Up To 40% When You Shop Online

Enjoy the low costs and convenience of our online thermal paper store, where you'll find the highest quality, lowest cost thermal paper rolls for all OEM makes and models. ATM Paper, Receipt Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, and more.

Increase ATM Revenue with our Free White Paper

ATMs are among the most effective and cost efficient advertising vehicles for financial institutions. With tips on how to monetize and optimize this lucrative advertising channel, this free white paper explains why ATM advertising should be a part of every financial institution's media mix, and independent ATM operator's marketing plan.

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We're the premier supplier of thermal paper. Why? Performance, plain and simple. Whether you need ATM Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, Mobile Printer Rolls, POS Paper, or Kiosk Paper, you can count on unrivaled quality, and the industry's lowest costs.

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Graphic Tickets and Systems is a leading supplier of stock and custom printing solutions. But we’re about more than just innovative presses and product specs. Our business is built on enhancing transactions. The ones that occur between you and your customers. We help make these transactions more meaningful,┬ámore valuable, more impactful, and more profitable. And we’ve been doing so for over 20 years, building a large base of loyal customers who value our superior quality and lower costs.

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