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Graphic Tickets & Systems is a leading supplier of stock and custom printing solutions. But we’re about more than just innovative presses and product specs. Our business is built on enhancing transactions. The ones that occur between you and your customers. We help make these transactions more meaningful, more valuable, more impact, and more profitable. And we’ve been doing so for..

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  • Parking Kiosk Rolls
    April 18, 2017 by GTS

    What Automation Means for Kiosk Manufacturers

    The world is becoming increasingly automated. As more and more customer transactions occur through kiosks, human interactions in retail settings could one day become a thing of the past. This move to automation will represent a significant boon to the kiosk industry, and by extension, manufacturers of kiosk receipt paper rolls. Following are just a few immediate examples of how automation

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  • ATM Paper Rolls
    March 3, 2017 by GTS

    How to Buy The Best ATM Paper

    We sometimes encounter companies that are shopping for ATM paper and are only concerned with finding the lowest price. And we understand that. Paper has become commoditized and differences can often be shades of grey. But sometimes those little differences can add up to cause bigger problems, costing financial institutions or Individual ATM Deployers (IADs) more in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use thermal paper in a normal printer?

Thermal paper is quite different from normal paper that you cannot install in a normal printer to produce prints. All types of papers are designed to work in specified thermal printers that use heat instead of ink or ribbons to provide prints. Hence it is advisable to use thermal paper with a thermal printer to get high-definition printing outputs.

Is thermal paper expensive?

Thermal paper costs less in comparison to other paper rolls used for printing purposes. The normal printing papers are costlier and priced more by requiring the additional cost of ribbon and ink. Whereas if you switch to thermal paper, it wouldn’t need ink and ribbon as it uses heat to produce high-quality prints that last for long.

How long does thermal paper last?

Thermal paper with thermal printing can last minimally seven years, but as much as 20 years. But the life of a thermal paper or receipt depends on how carefully you store the printing paper and the paper grade. If you don’t store the thermal paper or media properly under favorable conditions, it can be degraded or damaged within 24 hours.

Can thermal receipts be recycled with paper?

Yes, all BPA free paper can be recycled. During this process the coatings are separated from the base paper and the paper is then 100% recycled.

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