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    Custom Printed ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

    ATM receipt paper rolls are generally made using high-quality thermal paper. This paper is further used to create transactional receipts for ATMs. These are highly demanded and are known for their smooth, soft, and milky white texture, which is acquired from the special chemical coating available on the thermal paper.

    These receipts are widely used for offering a complete transaction to the users who use ATMs for cash withdrawal, check balance, or asking for mini bank statements. After completing the transaction, the machine provides receipts with the transaction code and related bank details.

    Now you know everything about ATM receipt paper, but do you know what custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls are and how these are designed?

    What are custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls?

    Custom means tailor-made solutions offered as per the business needs. So, custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls are made by keeping business needs in mind. In short, these are marketing assets that a business can use to attract customers to its brand.

    For example, you can get these ATM receipts pre-printed with different marketing messages that customers can read and take an instant action to buy or avail of your services. There’s a lot to do with the custom printed ATM receipts that can become your source for bringing more business.

    The best thing with custom printed receipt paper rolls is that these provide legible and clear prints to the media and make them durable and protected from fading.

    What machines are compatible with custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls?

    Printing machines are required to provide suitable prints for business use. But, what machines would be preferred to print custom thermal papers. However, a few specific machines allow custom thermal papers to be installed and provide clear print as per the requirements.

    Here’s the list of machines that are compatible with using the custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls.

    • Fujitsu
    • Cross Tranax
    • GenMega
    • Greenlink
    • Diebold
    • Triton Systems
    • Nautilus Hyosung
    • Nextran
    • NCR
    • Siemens
    • WRG
    • Tidel
    • Wincor

    Graphic Tickets & Systems offers high-quality thermal paper and printing services to SMBs and many other businesses. However, if you want custom ATM receipts to run the operations seamlessly, connecting with GTS would be the best decision you will make

    Custom Printing Ideas On ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

    Gone are the days when thermal paper receipts were only used to display as proof of purchase. But with today’s modern and ever-evolving technology, modern point-of-sale systems. Thermal papers and printers are now designed with the capability to print customized images, text, and messages, making it easy for marketers to leverage receipts as a cost-effective yet powerful marketing tool.

    After knowing about the machines to print custom ATM receipts, we want to take you towards deciding the ideas on ATM receipt information to be printed. It can be anything based on business requirements, but here are a few that we want to describe.

    Pre-print Logos

    These days, the thermal printed paper goes beyond its actual purpose and has become a marketing asset to get your bank’s logo to the receipts. Doing this will be good as customers can track where they get the ATM receipts. At Graphic Tickets & Systems, we are ready to give high-quality custom printed ATM receipts with the corresponding bank logo.

    Contact Information

    Contact information can also be printed in advance on the ATM paper rolls if you want the customers to notice it and connect with you instantly if they have any queries. It is ensured that you will have clear and long-lasting prints on the ATM rolls.


    If you want, we can print the important banking policies on the ATM receipts that customers can read and be aware of the same. You can offer them this for their general knowledge, so they don’t commit any mistakes while making ATM or online transactions.


    Coupons and ads are the most effective and reasonable options to compel customers to use the ATM and the associated banking services and discounted products. Graphic Tickets can do the same for you with high-quality results if you want the same.


    Printing a watermark can also play a significant role in bringing your banking services and products in front of the customers. It would be best if you got it for better results.

    QR Code

    QR Code can also be printed to the custom printed ATM receipt paper rolls. Having a QR or promotion code imprinted on the receipts helps customers get information about the offers and discounts on the products.


    This can be your business tagline or slogan that you want to be intact with all your products and services. You can get these taglines printed on the ATM receipts to impress customers with the business idea.
    We discussed almost everything about custom printed ATM receipts paper rolls, except pricing. So, it’s time to focus on how much cost it requires to create custom printed ATM receipts paper rolls.

    Budget Required to Create Custom Printed ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

    The cost to print custom ATM receipts brings the significance of advertising into the limelight. Just like television and the internet is used to promote a brand, similarly, you can use custom printed receipts having your own brand message and logo.

    Now it comes to its pricing, how much should you pay to get the custom printed receipts in hand. Basically, the cost will be almost the same or slightly more than your stock ATM paper.

    You can contact Graphic Tickets & Systems for more information on the budget and custom printing cost. Their executives will immediately get back to you with the desired and suitable solution.

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