The Healthcare industry is booming and focusing on implementing healthcare industry solutions that can fasten their operations and let patients trust the medical institution. Simultaneously, the sector constantly strives to bring efficiencies in its processes that ultimately provide better healthcare facilities.


It’s understood that a lot of paperwork is required in the healthcare sector, where patients have to show their different reports to describe the problems they are going through. And if the reports are not printed, this will directly impact the treatment. So here, the solution is to use high-quality thermal receipt paper rolls to print various medical receipts for end-users.


Do you know what else you can use to make your medical services easier and more effective for the patients? Here’s the complete list of healthcare industry solutions used to render effective patient and doctor services.



Medical Chart Paper


Graphic Tickets & Systems offers medical papers for hospitals and other medical institutions. We manufacture high-quality chart papers for ECG machines and other ECG monitoring equipment where clear videos and pictures must be captured to know everything happening inside a patient. You can get the entire slot in rolls, sheets, and fan-fold formats that can be used and availed as per the treatment requirements.


If you want to give your patients clear, accurate, and well-designed ECG reports, purchasing medical chart paper from us would greatly help you in the long run.



Ultrasound Thermal Imaging Paper Rolls


Ultrasound tests are mostly related to diagnosing stomach-related ailments. If the doctor doesn’t get clear reports, how would he provide appropriate treatment to the patient? Clear ultrasounds can be achieved using the best quality ultrasound thermal imaging paper rolls that are easily available at Graphic Tickets & Systems.


We aim to cater to hospitals, testing laboratories, and different medical institutions by offering qualitative paper compatible with colored and dye sublimation ultrasound printers. Connect with us to buy a customized range to meet your business needs.



Prescription Paper


Prescription paper can be plain or customized. This depends on how the medical institution wants to be recognized among patients. We at Graphic Tickets & Systems are ready to help with all your prescription paper-related needs and offer the one that exactly suits you. Place your requirements by filling out the form or directly calling us, and we will provide you with the most appropriate and fast order delivery of prescription Rx paper rolls.  



Mobile Printers & Paper Rolls


Mobile printer paper rolls play a significant role in healthcare industry solutions as these are used to generate receipts for debit and credit cards. We are famous for manufacturing and supplying supreme quality thermal receipt paper rolls compatible with Brother Mobile Printers, Zebra Mobile Printers, and O’Neil Mobile Printer Rolls. If you own any of the printers to print mobile receipts for hospital transactions, purchasing the slot from us can benefit you in different manners. Call us to know about the benefits.



POS Paper Rolls


POS can be anything for your medical domain. It can be a debit card machine, credit card machine, and parking kiosks. If you use these POS systems for your medical institutions, you need top-quality POS paper rolls from Graphic Tickets & Systems. Our assortment of POS paper will help you manage chores of the hospital’s cafeteria, front desk, or waiting rooms.


Also, our POS papers are BFA-free and assure that your patients will not get infected with the ink or chemical coated on them. Besides, having POS paper rolls from us can provide you with many other benefits, including the best quality and reasonable rates.



Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels


Purchase direct thermal and thermal transfer labels from Graphic Tickets in a variety of core sizes, roll diameters, and roll lengths. Our wide range of thermal transfer and direct thermal paper is pretty helpful for your mobile, industrial, and desktop thermal printers. In addition, the offered labels can be used outdoor as these withstand outside harsh weather with hot and cold conditions. So, try our qualitative range of thermal labels and observe the benefits.



Medical ID Wristbands


Wrist bands are safe for hospitals, nursing homes, medical institutions, and daycares. It is something that is used as an identity for the patients. These wrist bands are made of high-quality thermal paper or other sturdy material, which is durable and scannable within the hospital premise. 


If you are a part of the medical sector or own a nursing home, getting patients wristbands for their recognition would greatly help in your endeavors. The best thing is, Graphic Tickets offers you a customized range of hospital wristbands that can be printed with plenty of details you want to be printed over there.



Integrated Laser Label Sheets


You can go with laser label sheets from Graphic Tickets & Systems if you own inkjet or laser printing. Labeling is important in the healthcare sector to create different forms such as applications, invoices, medical forms, and others. You can avail high-quality integrated laser label sheets from us in a variety of finishes, colors, and permanent adhesives.



Linerless & Repositionable Thermal Labels



Repositionable thermal labels are useful and considered good healthcare industry solutions. These can be glued and re-positioned easily to any item you want. In addition, these labels are made of eco-friendly, BPA-free thermal paper and made with food-safe material. This is why medical sectors use these labels to re-stick with containers, bags, cups, and other items. Graphic Tickets can help you get your customized slot of such rigid labels; all you need is to connect with us via email, call, or fill out the query form.






Healthcare industry solutions can make or break a medical institution’s reputation as these are the products offering super easy and quality services to the patients. However, bad quality products can cost a hospital’s image if not designed and manufactured as per industry needs and norms. So, don’t take a chance and get your own slot of customized thermal receipt paper rolls at reasonable prices.


You have the opportunity to connect with us as we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of healthcare industry solutions and ensure that you get the best quality products to run your day-to-day medical operations. Connect with us to get your slot within the shortest possible time.


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