Finding the right size thermal papers for your Point of Sale systems can be challenging, especially for businesses using clover printers. However, if you use these papers for your business, worry no more. Graphic Tickets stock all kinds of clover receipt paper rolls for your business needs.

About Clover Point of Sale Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

Clover thermal paper is among the common receipt paper rolls used by various industries in their POS machines, debit, and credit card terminal printers. Using these papers provides assurance that your customers and employees enjoy easy-to-read and high-quality receipts.

Like other thermal receipt papers, clover paper rolls use heat to activate printing, eliminating the need to use expensive ink ribbons. All clover thermal papers from Graphic Tickets are manufactured with great quality and BPA-free, making them safe for use.

Clover receipt paper rolls are available in different paper sizes and widths. Therefore, you should ensure that you find the correct clover flex paper size that suits your printer machines.

What Are the Different Clover Terminal & What Paper Size Do You Need for a Different Clover Terminal?

Below are some of the various clover terminal papers and paper sizes required for these printing machines;

Clover Station POS system

The clover station POS system is a widely used terminal for clover thermal receipt papers. The station weighs approximately 5lbs and features a touch screen display and a high-speed printer. The station also has a touchscreen display monitor measuring 11.6”. If these measurements accurately fit your clover station, you should use the 3 1/8” x 220’ clover thermal paper rolls.

Clover Mini Compact POS

You should also find the correct paper for clover mini compact printers. The mini compact POS uses clover mini thermal paper. As the name suggests, the clover mini POS is compact, weighing only 2.3lbs and 8.0’ width. Most of these systems are used by customers during the checkout process.

It features an inbuilt printer and perfectly works with 2 ¼” x 55’ receipt paper rolls. Graphic Tickets also offers clover mini paper rolls in different quantities, such as the 25, 50, and 72 rolls in a case.

Clover Flex Mobile POS

The clover flex mobile POS is another common station made explicitly for table payments, festivals, off-site checkouts, food truck owners, and other mobile pay stations. These mobile printers are designed to hand on users’ pockets and are compatible with the 2 ¼” x 55’ thermal paper rolls. GTS has multiple quantities and color choices that suit your design needs.

Clover Kitchen Printer

Unlike other thermal clover terminals, the kitchen printer uses ink ribbons. Nonetheless, these printers use the 3” x 150’ 1-ply paper rolls or the 3” x 90’ 2-ply carbonless paper rolls.

Apart from the paper sizes mentioned above, Graphic Tickets also manufactures 2 ¼” and 3 1/8” clover paper rolls for various clover stations, Flex, and Mini. These paper rolls are phenol-free and available in multiple colors, including pink, yellow, green, and blue.

What is the Standard Paper Size that Clover POS Use?

The clover POS stations widely use the 3 1/8” x 220’ thermal receipt papers. Like other clover thermal paper rolls, these paper sizes are BPA-free.

Clover Point of Sale Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturer and Supplier

While there are multiple clover point of sale receipt papers manufacturers and supplies available, you should ensure that you source your paper rolls from a reputable manufacturer. Graphic Tickets is a reputable paper roll manufacturer that has adapted to various drastic changes that have occurred in the printing industry.

The success of Graphic Tickets in thermal paper manufacturing comes from focusing on the basics of manufacturing thermal printing papers. Over time, GTS has understood how their end products affect business transactions and how they can improve these processes. Graphic Tickets aims at making your transactions meaningful, impactful, and profitable transactions.

Why Choose Graphic Tickets for Your Clover Point of Sale Thermal Paper Rolls?

Below are key reasons why you should source your clover thermal receipt papers from Graphic Tickets;

  • High quality – Graphic Tickets manufactures high-quality clover thermal papers that don’t leave lint behind. This ensures that they don’t discolor and provide smooth and safe printing.
  • Customized options – GTS can include coupons, logos, QR codes, and other forms of branding to your ordered clover thermal receipt papers.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right clover thermal paper rolls for your clover stations doesn’t have to be challenging. Simply identify your type of clover machine and check out various products from Graphic Tickets. Ensure that you find the correct products and paper sizes compatible with your POS systems. Request your quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clover terminals?

Clover terminals are point-of-sale hardware that process payments, scan barcodes, print receipts, and capture client signatures. They are a standout choice among the mobile POS options available.

How does the clover POS system work?

You need a software and hardware plan to use the Clover POS system. However, you can mix and match POS hardware and software options according to your business needs. The entire system has reporting tools, virtual terminals for accepting payments and can be synced with third-party apps, such as Yelp and QuickBooks.

How much does a clover POS thermal receipt paper cost?

The exact cost of clover POS thermal receipt paper varies depending on the paper size and number of rolls. Check the latest pricing from Graphic Tickets.

What size does the clover flex take?

You will need a 2 ¼” x 55’ thermal paper roll size for your clover flex printing machines.

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