BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls

The use of BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls is currently on the surge as most people find ways of limiting or eliminating exposure to potentially harmful BPA chemicals. Through these modifications, BPA-free thermal papers have replaced the initial BPA thermal paper that exposed cashiers and other users to these chemicals. Besides minimizing health risks, these paper rolls are also environment-friendly. Read on to find out why you should purchase these paper rolls from Graphic Tickets.

About BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls

BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls are their best bet for users looking to avoid BPA and general phenol-based chemicals. There are several non-phenol thermal paper roll options to choose from, all of which are produced without Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S, making them BPA and BPS free. Graphic Tickets receipt paper rolls are eco-friendly, recyclable, and available in stock for immediate delivery.

BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls Manufacturer and Supplier

As expected, phenol-free receipt papers are manufactured using phenol-based chemical products. This is what guarantees that the rolls are free from BPA and/or BPS. Graphic Tickets offer customers phenol-free receipt papers using a phenol-free color machine instead of the traditional BPA and/or BPS coating.

Graphic tickets continually strive to improve the internal manufacturing process to meet their client’s expectations. Besides increasing the warehouse network to reduce delivery time, the company also stocks several products in their facilities to ensure same-day deliveries. The company’s secure ordering system also makes it easy to track shipments and identify estimated delivery dates.

Why Choose Graphic Tickets for Your BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls Needs?

With increasing concerns regarding the presence of BPA in thermal paper over the last decade, Graphic Tickets updated its manufacturing process to suit industry trends. This explains why the company remains among the leading suppliers of stock and custom BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls around the country.

However, even with many manufacturers and suppliers of BPA-free paper, why should you choose Graphic Tickets for your BPA thermal paper needs? Well, it is because of the unique and outstanding company principles. Besides the company’s great initiative and unrivaled experience in producing non-BPA receipts, you will also like the company’s premium quality yet affordable products.

What are the Best Uses of BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls?

Some of the common uses of BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls include;

  • Credit card and POS receipts – most businesses prefer thermal printers as they don’t use ribbons or cartridges, saving on costs. Quality thermal paper rolls also produce long-lasting receipts.
  • ATM receipts – nearly all ATM receipts are printed using thermal paper as well. This is because thermal printing papers are fast, silent, and reliable.
  • Hospital records – ultrasound, ECG, and many other hospital equipment rely on BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls for clear and long-lasting prints. This eliminates possible discrepancies in medical records, which can compromise the patient’s health.
  • Tickets – like other businesses that need clear, efficient and high-volume prints, thermal receipt paper rolls are used for printing parking and lottery tickets. They are also good for cinema tickets, amusement park tags, and play tickets.

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Customized BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls

Evidently, the use of non-BPA paper is diverse and cuts across several fields. Therefore, there is no way that one standard paper will fit all these applications. Fortunately, you can maximize your brand visibility with custom BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls. Customization options for these paper rolls include;

  • Company logo – you can print your company logo on the cash register receipts to broaden your brand awareness.
  • Size – while the most printed sizes are 3 1/8″ rolls, you can order for various paper roll sizes, including 2 ¼” and other options that suit your specifications.
  • Colors – you can also order receipt paper rolls in your preferred color options.

Custom BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls make it easy for companies to increase brand exposure and add a touch to their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPA-free thermal paper?

BPA or Bisphenol A is sometimes viewed as a harmful chemical that has been used for years in many industries for product manufacturing. It is described as a “potential” danger. Luckily the thermal market has BPA-free thermal paper that is less harmful and protective against potential litigation. BPA-free thermal paper sheets save people from concerns of health problems associated with BPA.

If you're a business owner searching for safe and high-quality thermal paper, BPA thermal from us would be a great option for you.

What are the areas of use for BPA-free thermal paper?

The primary use of BPA-free thermal paper is in the manufacturing of sales and purchase receipts/slips. Most all industries require the use of BPA-free paper for all their thermal printers.

Why use BPA Free Paper?

BPA-free thermal paper is safe and provides quality printing outputs for ATM receipts, pay station slips, purchases, and sales receipts. Besides, it limits all the health risks and ensures environmental friendliness.

Does Using BPA-free paper reduce the transactions per roll?

The number of transactions will be the same as earlier papers that contain BPA.

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