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    Custom Printed Kiosk Paper Rolls

    Technological advancements have significantly affected how people conduct business. For example, many enterprises are now using small deployable kiosks to sell their products. To this end, companies are exploring different techniques to create brand awareness. 

    Considering the cut-throat competition and drive to maximize profits, kiosks are at the forefront of cost-saving measures. One of the most effective ways to achieve that is custom paper rolls. We explore how Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) can help you acquire custom printed kiosk paper rolls for producing receipts and advertising purposes.

    What are Custom Printed Kiosk Paper Rolls? 

    Custom kiosk paper rolls are thermal papers with information pre-printed on the back. After purchasing an item, you usually give these kiosk paper rolls to customers as receipts. The purpose of customizing such receipts is to increase brand awareness beyond the point of sale.

    The custom kiosk paper rolls are different from ordinary receipts that are blank at the back. You can take advantage of custom printed kiosk paper rolls to print your brand logo and other marketing material to grab customers’ attention. 

    You can get quality custom printed paper rolls at Graphic tickets and systems. Our kiosk paper rolls come in various colors that are impressive and eye-catching to the customer. We have a proud track record of providing custom kiosk paper rolls for the following kiosk printer mechanisms:

    • Bixolon
    • Citizen
    • Custom Engineering
    • Custom America
    • Cybertech
    • Epson
    • Fujitsu
    • Hecon
    • Ithaca
    • Nippon Primex
    • Practical Automation
    • Seiko
    • Star Micronics
    • Swecoin
    • Telpar
    • Westrex
    • Zebra

    Still unsure what type of custom printed paper rolls are best for your Kiosk? Feel free to contact our team, and we will be happy to help you out.

    Custom Printing Ideas on Kiosk Paper Rolls

    As you put ideas in your kiosk paper roll, remember that your main goal is to promote your business. As much as you want to get your service or product out there, you should avoid over-promoting your brand. That means not adding irrelevant information and leaving out the essential ones. These are some great ideas to print on your kiosk paper rolls:

    1. Company Logo

    The role of a business logo is more than just a visual representation of your enterprise. It also works to portray the value and quality of a business’s products, and most crucially, it leaves a clear picture of your business in the minds of your clients. 

    1. Return and Refund Policies

    You can also print return policies in the custom printed paper rolls. The guidelines will help customers pinpoint the exact procedure for returning goods they didn’t like. They will also assist you to tell if you are providing excellent customer service. When writing the policy, ensure to make it simple to avoid confusing customers.

    1. Promotions

    Sale promotions are a great way of luring potential customers to your business. It shows them that they can get items at a discounted price if they buy from your Kiosk. The promotions will help increase public awareness and increase your sales.

    1. Contact information

    It is also essential to include your business’ contact information in the custom printed paper rolls. Ensure to include information such as:

    • Your business phone number
    • Website
    • Address

    At GTS, we use QR codes when adding the contact info to the paper rolls. It makes it convenient for customers to access online even if they lose the receipt.

    On a different subject, it is essential to note that you can use the custom printed kiosk paper rolls in various applications, which might affect what you can print on them. However, you will primarily use custom printed kiosk paper rolls in the following places:

    Gas stations: there is a growing use of kiosk paper rolls at gas refilling stations. They are even more common in stations with automated gas pumps. Kiosk paper rolls used in such places will have special incentives printed on them.

    Airports: there are a lot of self-service kiosks at the airport. You will find these kiosks at different areas in the airport to print items, such as boarding passes and bag tags. All these services will thus require custom printed kiosk paper rolls.

    Hotels: It is also common to find kiosk paper rolls in hotels with kiosk ordering systems. You can customize the paper rolls by including information about the best cuisine offered.

    Hospital: custom printed paper rolls are also helpful in pharmaceutical kiosks. Pharmaceutical companies usually use such kiosks to dispense drugs. When printing ideas in such paper rolls, always add the doctor’s contact info.

    Parking: make it convenient for drivers to park their vehicles and advertise your business while using parking kiosk rolls. High-quality paper, unique paper color, and outstanding logo printouts ensure customers associate your brand with a particular look.


    It is impossible to state how much custom printing costs because so many factors determine the charges. These are the features that will determine how much your order for custom printed kiosk paper rolls will cost:

    • Paper roll specifications, such as width, paper type, printer type, size of the core  
    • How much information do you want to include
    • Design artwork intricacy
    • Printing specifications
    • How many colors used


    Using custom printed kiosk paper rolls as receipts is an ingenious way of advertising your business beyond the point of sale (POS). But getting the best kiosk paper rolls for your business can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

    Fortunately, GTS is here to help as we produce many POS paper rolls suitable for kiosks. We have a variety of paper grades and advanced printing technology. In addition, GTS excels at customizing kiosk paper rolls of different colors and sizes to your liking.

    We will handle your order whether you have a small or large enterprise. GTS has several warehouses in most major cities, capable of handling the largest orders in industry-leading time.

    Are you looking to add logos, promotion codes, or return policies to your kiosk receipts? Visit Graphic Tickets & Systems today and get the best custom printed kiosk paper rolls available in the market.



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