Parking Tickets

In the wide market of parking tickets and other supplies, Graphic Tickets provides for all your needs. We manufacture and supply parking violation tickets, pay and display receipts, and mobile printer rolls for your printing. You should expect the following by buying your parking tickets from us;

  • Premium quality parking tickets
  • Fast delivery regardless of your order size
  • Unlimited color options
  • Added security features to prevent the issuance of fake parking violation tickets
  • Affordable pricing
  • Parking tickets that work with multiple hand-held terminals brands


Businesses That We Serve

Parking tickets are increasingly becoming a necessity for most businesses. Graphic Tickets manufacturers and supplies parking violation tickets to the following institutions;

  • Airports
  • Public parking lots
  • Colleges,
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals and many more

Benefits of Using Parking Violation Tickets

Businesses and institutions that use our thermal parking tickets benefit in the following ways;

  • Clear printing – schools, municipalities, hospitals, and any other institution that issues parking tickets should ensure that they provide their customers with quality tickets. Surprisingly, issuing clear and quality pay parking tickets improves customer experience. Clear parking tickets provide sufficient documentation of all transactions.
  • Compatibility – we understand that different parking lots and spaces use different pay terminals. As such, Graphic Tickets manufactures paper rolls that are compatible with all hand-held payment devices. These devices include Auto-Cite, Zebra, Extech, Intermec, Epson, Radix, Printek, Woosim, Apex, and many more. If you have one of these mentioned parking payment terminals, don’t hesitate to place your order.
  • Smooth feed – smooth feed is a major benefit that thermal receipt papers have over traditional carbonless papers. In addition, thermal parking tickets are lint-free, meaning they won’t easily get stuck on your payment terminals.
  • Environmentally – friendly tickets – you should also ensure that your tickets are safe for your customers and employees. Fortunately, thermal parking receipts are BPA and phenol-free, eliminating possible health issues. They have also been manufactured according to OEM standards.


The parking industry has grown and will continue booming, creating a need for new product opportunities, especially for thermal receipt paper suppliers. Therefore, due diligence is vital if you want to enjoy the benefits of using quality parking tickets. Graphic Tickets is a reliable manufacturer and should be your parking tickets supplier for the following reasons;

1. Modern Technology

Printing has evolved drastically over time, with the introduction of new technologies. For instance, the introduction of thermal printing technology and hand-held pay terminals made it easy for most businesses to provide proof of transactions. Fortunately, Graphic Tickets has evolved and stays abreast with the latest technology, ensuring that clients get the best thermal receipt papers.

2. Unmatched Experience

While you shouldn’t discriminate against new manufacturers trying their luck in this industry, experienced manufacturers are the best bet in every situation. That said, Graphic Tickets boasts more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. With this, you will be purchasing more than simple parking receipt rolls. You will be investing in an experienced provider. GTS goes beyond manufacturing printing papers, ensuring that they maximize your transactional mediums.

3. Customization

The best way to offset your parking receipt paper costs is using your parking tickets to channel more revenue through adverts. As such, you can use the back of your tickets to market parking discounts and other offers that are available in your parking lot. Graphic Tickets can also customize your orders to include business logos, color, and more.


You should ensure that you use quality products for your parking receipts. However, most businesses find it challenging to find a good parking receipt roll supplier. If you are in this fold, ensure that you ask several questions before sourcing your parking receipts. Request a quote from Graphic Tickets for satisfactory products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a parking ticket considered a traffic violation?

Yes. Parking tickets are used to cite non-moving traffic violations, such as parking violations or parking wrongly. Most people get these citations for parking their vehicles on double-yellow lines in resident bay areas without a permit.

Which parking systems can use your parking violation or parking tickets?

Multiple parking systems can use these parking violation tickets. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about issues of incompatibility. We can help you develop a single format that can work with multiple printers.

What is the cost of a parking ticket paper roll?

The actual cost of these paper rolls varies, depending on various factors. Common determinants include the length, Paper/Film Choice, size of the paper roll and if any customization was done. Check out the latest prices from Graphic Tickets.

What amount of parking violation tickets can be ordered in a single slot?

The best way of saving money on quality products is by placing bulk orders from your preferred manufacturer. Therefore, while you can order according to your needs, you can enjoy great discounts by placing bulk orders for a low-cost-per-roll. Graphic Tickets can store surplus rolls until you are ready to use them.

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