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    Custom Printed Parking Tickets

    Custom printed security gaming rolls represent stealth and speed over traditional layered security measures. In addition, these custom security rolls provide you with a highly secure measure at a fraction of the cost while making you highly profitable to your retail partners.

    The custom printed security gaming rolls consist of several security features placed on a single roll. These custom gaming rolls have numerous combinations and uses, including retail, casinos, and sporting events.

    Unlike large paper rolls typically stolen from businesses or competitors, custom printed security gaming Rolls make it hard for potential thieves to pocket them without being seen. In addition, the security measures featured in these custom printed rolls also make it hard for potential thieves to steal the roll at all.

    We provide Security & Gaming Paper Rolls for the following gaming machines and printers:

    Citizen printers

    Citizen printers are among the most found printers in casinos and retail businesses. These Citizen printers have a high demand for Custom security rolls. Therefore, we provide them with our custom gaming rolls.

    Custom Engineering

    We also provide custom engineered products for businesses that require a unique, custom product. Since every business is different, you need custom printing to get your business on the map. On request, we can custom engineer your pre-existing template or create custom printed security rolls from scratch.

     IGT printers

    The custom security rolls that we provide for IGT printers are specially designed to fit the printer’s specifications and needs. In addition, on request, we also provide custom gaming rolls compatible with IGT printers.

    The custom printed gaming rolls for IGT printers come in compact sizes and fit perfectly within the machines. Additionally, they do not require any alterations to be made by staff.

    ICT printers

    The custom printed Security gaming rolls we provide for the ICT printers can be used in bars, casinos, and retail businesses. We are reputable for delivering high-quality products to these printers and speedy delivery.

    Ithaca printers

    Our printed security rolls designed for Ithaca printers are used in casinos, bars, and other establishments. We create products that will fit the printer’s and customer specifications while keeping the quality up to par.

    Future Logic printers

    Future Logic printers handle a lot of security measures. Therefore, our customized security rolls are suitable for them. These kinds of products are used in any entertainment spot.

    GTECH printers

    The custom printed security rolls we provide for GTECH printers can be used in casinos, bars, retail, and sports establishments. In addition, we’re able to provide fast delivery of your custom printed gaming rolls, so you don’t have to worry about having your product too long.

    Practical Automation

    Custom printed gaming rolls we provide for practical automation printers are used in corporate settings. These printers have a high demand for security paper, so we ensure to provide them with the best products available.

    Star Micronics lottery and gaming printers

    There are many kinds of printers, but what makes them unique is their ability to print and verify tickets for lottery and other gaming operations. We provide specific rolls of security paper for all Star Micronics printers.


    We have custom-printed security rolls that are designed for this printer. Again, this is a printing and scanning technology that the government uses.

    Pyramid Phoenix thermal printers

    Pyramid Phoenix Thermal printers are used at many retail locations and casinos. These printers have a high demand for security paper. You can get the best quality thermal papers for Pyramid Phoenix thermal printers from Graphic Tickets.

    Transact lottery and gaming printers

    Transact lottery and gaming printers are designed for two-inch tickets. These printers are used in casinos, bars, and retail establishments.

    Transact lottery and gaming printers are used in casinos, bars, and retail establishments. These printers have a high demand for security paper, so we provided them with the best products available.


    Zebra printers are a popular model among both small and large-scale businesses. Zebra thermal printers are used for many purposes, including barcode printing, label printing, and receipt printing.

    Custom Printing Ideas on Custom Printed Security & Gaming Rolls

    If you’re looking to print a message on your custom printed security & gaming rolls, this type of product is perfect for you! With your choice of ink color and font size, you can bring your design to life. There are always new opportunities for making a statement with our wide variety of colors and fonts! Customers also use this product for printing names on custom printed security & gaming rolls for business purposes. This is a great way to promote your brand, advertise sales, and thank customers!

    This product is ideal for custom printed security rolls used at a casino or other gaming site. With this product, you can also make your message on the security & gaming rolls. These security & gaming rolls are made from thick paper and include an adhesive backing. This custom printed security & gaming roll is excellent if you want to print names or put a custom message on these rolls.

    The custom printed security gaming rolls usually have a security look and feel and are popular among those who like the look of a larger, thicker roll of paper than a traditional casino and gambling chipsets usually have.


    Your price can vary depending on the size and the ink color of your custom printed security & gaming rolls. Since prices will vary, you may want to contact us for a free quote. Our production team is ready to help you design custom printed security & gaming rolls for your business or event with their creative minds and problem-solving abilities.


    The custom printed security gaming rolls can be used for a variety of things, including:

    • Casino events
    • Corporate events
    • Trips and adventures (e.g., theme parks or amusement parks)
    • Party favors
    • Non-profit events
    • Game rooms
    • Game Shows

    The custom printed security gaming rolls are manufactured in-house, like all of our products. We produce each one to order, so you are getting a completely customized product to your needs. All of our manufacturing divisions work together so that a single customer’s needs are met in a timely fashion.

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