The hotel industry is quite big and requires a keen interest of owners and employees to provide top hospitality services to their guests. There are various factors like good food, a cheerful and lively environment, easy access to basic facilities, and full-fledged accommodation. But, do you know what comes first when thinking of hotel industry solutions? POS systems supplies! Isn’t it?


Every industry has its own POS systems used to offer A-grade facilities to their customers. These can be POS paper rolls, ATM paper rolls, printer ribbons, and others to enhance the guest experience.


We manufacture a variety of thermal paper rolls that have been used in the hotel industry to cater to different hospitality purposes. Let’s check out the entire list of hotel industry solutions made using a variety of high-quality thermal receipt paper rolls.


POS Paper Rolls


POS paper rolls in the hotel industry have a huge significance as you need to provide your customers fast, smooth, and uninterrupted services when they arrive, stay, and checkout from the hotel.


In addition, POS paper rolls are useful for POS machines like your debit or credit card machines and receipt printers. Based on your hotel requirements, you can get these hotel industry solutions in various colors, sizes, roll diameters, and thicknesses.


ATM & Kiosk Paper Rolls


We manufacture and supply ATM thermal paper receipt rolls for your hotel’s self-check-in/checkout, vending machines, ATM receipt printers, and other kiosks. Purchasing our stock of a supreme quality range of kiosk paper rolls can help you render smooth and jamming-free receipt vending services to your hotel guests.Also, you can avail these paper rolls in different weights, widths, lengths, and core diameters to accommodate your hotel needs.


We at Graphic Tickets & Systems make sure to offer such receipt paper rolls with or without sense marks based on your specific requirements.


POS Ribbons & Printers


We possess a wide range of POS printer ribbons to ensure that our clients receive a qualitative slot to amplify their hotel sales and revenue. Being in a hotel or hospitality business owner, you must be aware of the best quality cartridge you can use in your POS printers, and that’s where our POS ribbons assortment comes in. Contact us if you want a full-fledged range of POS supplies to run your hotel operations without restrictions.


Card Reader Cleaning Cards


Are you struggling to keep your card readers clean to ensure fast performance? Using our card reader cleaning cards can make this happen quite efficiently. You can use these thermal printer cleaning products to clean hotel door locks, key card swipes, ATMs, vending machines, debit and credit card terminals. On the top, having these cleaning cards surely eliminate the number of failed transactions


Tamper Evident Door Seals


Installing tamper evident secured door seals to the hotel rooms can make your customers aware of sanitization and security. We offer residue-free door labels that provide fool-proof security and tell you if the door is opened or someone removed the seal. The best part is customers get a positive outlook when they find the door seal fresh and unopened.


This assures them that they are the first to open the door and the area is fully sanitized and disinfected. If you want your hotel rooms to be perfectly fine with these secured door seals, you can contact Graphic Tickets & Systems. We can offer you customized tamper evident door seals based on your requirements.


Hotel Sanitization Labels


You might have seen the barriers or the labels in front of washrooms and hotels rooms captioning – cleaning in progress, sanitization in progress. These are commonly known as hotel sanitization labels made of high-quality thermal paper.


If you own a hotel or are involved in hotel management, these labels are available in different forms like hotel cleaning checklists and vehicle door labels. Also, you can get these hygiene and other labels in custom prints and messages, depending on your hotel requirements.


Employee ID Cards


Hotel staff is recognized by their uniforms and ID cards, and high-quality thermal paper can add more value to them. At Graphic Tickets, you can avail well-designed magnetic stripe ID cards for your hotel staff like front desk employees, hospitality workers, and managers. Connect with us if you want supreme quality and encoded ID cards for your hotel personnel.


Custom Receipts & Gift Cards


Being a hotel owner, you must have planned to offer exciting hotel industry solutions like custom loyalty & gift cards and discount coupons to your guests. But have you customized them for your brand promotion? We can offer you custom loyalty & gift cards along with your brand message and logo. Also, you can get the discount information and surveys on the back of your gift cards and thermal paper receipts roll to make your brand more effective and powerful.




Being in a hotel business makes you more conscious about the facilities and hospitality you need to offer to the guests. This also includes the proper arrangements of thermal paper rolls and other utilities required during the stay and visit any hotel premise. If you want your hotel to be running appropriately with all the necessary thermal paper receipt rolls and other items, Graphic Tickets & Systems can help you with the best quality assortment.


We know hospitality requires top-quality custom loyalty & gift cards, thermal paper rolls, carbonless paper rolls, ATM thermal receipt paper rolls, card reader cleaning cards, secured door seals, and many other products, and hence we offer you an assortment that is manufactured under the strict supervision of thermal paper professionals. Our aim is to suffice all your needs within time and at reasonable prices, and that we do by offering our A-grade paper rolls and thermal paper rolls.


Contact us today to book your hotel or hospitality slot. We would be happy to deliver your order within the shortest time possible. 


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