Plastic Card Printing

The key to great plastic products is quality and durable products. That is exactly what we offer you. Want the plastic card to look good after months of use and still function reliably? We’ve got you covered.

At Graphic Tickets, we believe in producing high-quality plastic card printing at a low cost. Please keep reading to catch a glimpse of the other custom plastic card printing goodies we have in store for you.

About custom plastic card printing

Whether it’s for identification, entry into a building, or a dinning card, you can customize plastic cards for various reasons. You can get attention-grabbing plastic cards using metallic inks, die cuts, foil stamping, embossing, or Pantone inks.

Custom plastic card printing Manufacturer and Supplier

At Graphic Tickets (GTS), you can rest assured of receiving premium-grade personalized plastic cards at a fraction of the market price. Rest assured; our plastic card printing will churn out as high-quality plastic cards. You can also get these plastic cards with the best custom lamination, numbering, and encoding as per business requisites from a reliable manufacturer who print custom plastic cards. Whether you are looking to print on plastic card with Kinkos-level convenience, GTS will deliver you the expected range of products to accomplish your needs.

You’d think with so many customization options; our delivery times would take a hit. Not true since we have warehouses in most major cities. Whatever your order size, we ramp up production and deliver in class-leading delivery times. You may think all this comes at a cost, but we understand how price-sensitive the market is so that you can place custom plastic card printing from plastic card manufacturers in USA with no minimum order required.


Why choose Graphic Tickets for Your custom plastic card printing?

Apart from the phenomenal customer service, customers choose GTS for its:

  • Quality printing on plastic card
  • Fast delivery times
  • Professional support from technicians


What are the best uses of custom plastic card printing?

There are plenty of uses of personalized plastic cards, such as:

  • Printed Plastic Products: you can take functional plastic products and add some dash of color. Think of key forbs, room key cards, or dinning cards.
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards: businesses use these cards to reward customers for their repeat business or load cash for future use. The cards’ goal is to encourage customers to continue visiting the business. Examples include loyalty cards, food service cards, discount cards, and custom gift cards or plastic gift cards printing from reliable gift card manufacturers USA.
  • Plastic IDs & Business Cards may come in different sizes, but mostly in credit card sizes. You can have it in a clear or metallic finish to stand out. They include plastic ID card printing, plastic membership card printing, and plastic business card printing.
  • Custom Printed Plastic Shapes: they can take different forms, shapes, and sizes, including insurance cards, plastic door hangers, and debit cards.


  • High quality, plastic card printing
  • Passionate and committed service to customers
  • Experienced technicians


Customized custom plastic card printing

Plastic is a versatile product, so it follows that it has a ton of customization options. Even if it’s a serious product such as plastic loyalty card printing, you can add some twist to it as long as it’s made of plastic.

  • Customize your product with your own logo: leave an impression by printing your company logo using plastic credit card printing. It can be done by any experienced plastic credit card manufacturer or printers.
  • Different colors are available: use different colored plastic cards and colored fonts for a unique finish.
  • Different sizes are available: don’t tie yourself down to tiny products. You can have it as big as you want your brand to stand out.

Visit GTS’ plastic card printing online service today to sample the incredible plastic card printing. We offer cost-effective and customized card printing services with high-quality embossing, lamination, and encoding.


Lower Cost, Higher Quality Plastic Cards

High quality, low cost. That’s what everyone wants, right? Well, this combination is especially important when it comes to custom printed plastic cards. We know that and deliver it better than anyone else around.

The key to quality plastic cards is durability. They need to withstand the wear and tear that your customers put them through. They need to last. Well, we’ll help save you replacement costs by providing cards that do just that.

Our full range of services includes encoding, personalization, lamination, and numbering.

And we supply all card types, including:

  • Room Key Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • Membership Cards
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Food Service Cards

Don’t overpay for custom plastic cards. Maximize your transactional media.

Let’s Make Every Transaction Count.


Custom ID Cards

Custom ID cards are a simple, inexpensive way to improve safety in a workplace, school, hospital or other environment where added security is required. We can custom print standard custom ID cards or photo id cards to your specifications.

Choose from several custom ID card printing options, including:

  • Smart Card Chips
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Barcodes
  • Personalization of names, employee/membership numbers, and department
  • Circle and lanyard hole punches for quick and easy lanyard attachment
  • Image printing for photo ID badges

Order your custom ID cards online or contact one of our custom printing experts.


Why Choose Our Custom ID Badge Printing Service?

We guarantee that your product will be delivered as ordered. How can we make such a guarantee? Because of our confidence in our production and quality control process.

Ensuring Quality Custom ID Badge Printing

Our quality assurance program provides confidence to the customer, and includes:

  • Material Inspection
  • Plate Inspection
  • Lamination Inspection
  • Die Cutting Inspection
  • Spot Inspection During Production
  • Final Inspection Before Packing


Custom Key Cards

Magnetic Stripe & RFID Key Cards for your Hotel or Busines

Plastic key cards provide affordable access control for colleges, hotels, gyms and other businesses, and are designed to operate with your key card door lock. Customize your hotel key cards to promote your brand, service offerings, and special events. We can also make your keycards as key tags, or even design them to double as employee security badges. Choose from magnetic stripe or RFID key cards that are ISO 14333A compliant. Plastek Cards makes custom hotel key cards utilizing magnetic stripes for leading hotel chains and resorts, as well as high quality RFID cards. Order custom hotel key cards online or contact one of our helpful representatives to assist you with your key card printing needs.

Our hotel key cards work with all major key card door lock brands, including:

  • ASSA ABLOY (VingCard)
  • Onity
  • Kaba
  • ILCO
  • Saflok
  • Tesa
  • Sargent
  • Cisa
  • TimeLox
  • Miwa Inhova


Custom Parking Hang Tags

Our high-quality plastic hanging parking permits and passes are the perfect choice for schools, companies and municipalities seeking durability and legibility. We can customize your parking placards with a variety of color and finish options, as well as add variable data, such as permit and lot numbers. We print custom parking permits for schools, resorts and municipalities nationwide. (042237E)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide custom printed Plastic cards?

Graphic Tickets has expertise in manufacturing and supplying customized printed plastic cards to the industries as per their requirements.

Are the provided plastic papers durable and withstand wear/tear?

The plus point of using our plastic cards is the durability that it goes well even in harsh conditions and do not get destroyed or faded easily.

What types of plastic cards are available to purchase?

From us, you can buy custom-made key fobs, room key cards, membership cards, insurance cards, photo ID cards, debit cards, food service cards, and loyalty cards.

How many cards can be ordered at one time?

It depends on your business requirements. You’re allowed to order any number of plastic cards to get your operations running in better ways. Typical order sizes start at 500 cards.

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