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Keep Your Kiosks Clean and Customer Ready Always – Here’s How

Kiosks with an out-of-order sign can be pretty upsetting for a customer and the business owner. The out-of-order sign would mean that the business operator is negligent for anyone who intends to use the kiosk. Thus the specific kiosk will not be used even after it has started working again. Having a working and well-maintained kiosk for a business means that a business owner with kiosk deployments can gain better returns on their investment and increase the popularity of the brand and business.

Additionally, having self-serve kiosks provide various benefits and can be employed in different industries, making it even more necessary to be cleaned more in the current pandemic conditions. So, here are a few ways that help ensure that kiosk maintenance is done regularly and adequately. 

Benefits of Kiosk Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a kiosk increases the reach and popularity of your business and helps you boost business profits while also minimizing the production cost. Some other very exciting benefits of cleaning your kiosk are as follows:

  1. Lower maintenance fees
  2. Reduces downtime and increases profit levels
  3. Eliminates any chances of incorrect transactions
  4. No case of clogged or streaked kiosk paper
  5. Better time management of different services
  6. Provides a safer work atmosphere for people
  7. Repeated tasks are done at a faster speed without too much redundancy

Now that the reason for kiosk cleaning has been explained. It’s time to understand how a kiosk cleaning is done for better usability and longevity.

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Clean Your Kiosk

Even before a business decides to have a kiosk to improve its sales, cleaning and maintaining it starts with the designing board. Then, each part of the kiosks is made, keeping in mind that the panels are easy to clean but difficult to tamper. Another essential thing to remember is the location where the kiosks will be placed, ensuring that the kiosk is well-maintained in any condition it has been placed. Here are a few ways in which you can make sure that the kiosk is adequately cleaned:

  1. Use a non-abrasive cloth and alcohol solution.
  2. Clean each surface of the kiosk properly.
  3. Allow them to dry properly before turning on the machine in the kiosk.

Remember to follow these dos and don’ts to make sure that the kiosk machine does not need a technician’s help regularly:

  1. Do not use an abrasive cloth to clean the kiosk
  2. If liquids get into the unit, get in touch with a technician to check if it is safe to switch it on.
  3. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions or tools on the kiosk machine 
  4. Always ask the kiosk technician to clean any digital components inside the kiosk

Keeping all these points in mind will ensure that cleaning a kiosk and maintaining them are done in the best way possible. All the steps mentioned above can be used for ATM kiosk maintenance, self-service dry cleaning kiosks, and automated cleaning kiosks to be used for a long time.

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Cleaning Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks provide more than one benefit for different industries like banking, education, government healthcare, and many more. However, since several people use these regularly, it is imperative to clean them every day.  In this section of the blog, you will be getting to know the best ways to clean and maintain a self-service kiosk, especially when there is a pandemic going around.

1)    Use the correct type of cleaning cloth

The right kind of cloth to clean your kiosk will ensure no damage to the screen. A lint-free microfiber cloth is the best option for you to clean the kiosk screen.

2)    The correct type of cleaning liquid

The best way to clean the kiosk is by dampening the lint-free cloth with the cleaning liquid (IPA Solutions) and wiping the screen. Once the screen dries up, it is good to use the correct disinfecting cleaner and a different lint-free cloth to clean the screen properly. It is vital to keep harsh chemicals like thinners, solvents, or any other strong liquid away from use as it could cause damage to the screen.

3)    Clean with care

Even though cleaning a self-service kiosk looks very easy, it is vital to do it very carefully.  While cleaning, it is crucial not to get water or cleaning liquid into the machinery as it could cause damage to the screen or kiosk. Also, kiosk maintenance should be done as much as possible in the current pandemic situation to reduce the chance of spreading illness-causing germs.

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Tools to Clean Essential Parts of a Kiosk

Before starting to clean the different parts of the kiosk, it is necessary to know the other details to clean better and reduce any chances of damage. The following are the parts of a kiosk that also needs to be cleaned:

1) Card Reader

A card reading cleaning will ensure that the magstripe reader is cleaned. As a result, you can ensure that the kiosk customers can get accurate debit or credit transactions.

2) Bill Acceptors

A clean bill acceptor will have fewer errors than one contaminated by dirt and dust, with the help of a cleaning card that wipes the optical lens, among the other different parts. In addition, once the bill acceptor is cleaned, cards or currency will not get jammed in the slot.

3) Thermal printers

Due to contaminants, a thermal paper printer’s life is interrupted very quickly. However, the thermal printer can run for a long time if the printer is cleaned with the help of a cleaning swab or a printer cleaning card. Once cleaned, the thermal printer will be optimized for easy usage. 

Best Ways to Use a Kiosk

The ways mentioned below will ensure that the kiosk (say, parking kiosk, as an example) and its immediate area is used in the best way possible while also ensuring that cleanliness is maintained correctly:

  1. Regular floor cleaning will help meet the hygiene requirements, which means if the kiosk is located in a high-traffic area, cleaning should be done more often.
  2. Follow the guidelines provided by the local experts and make sure that cleaning agents used are approved by the authorities and can also eliminate the chances of suffering from serious illnesses.
  3. Remember to clean each part of the machine with proper tools for each piece of the inner equipment and dry them thoroughly before closing up the kiosk for subsequent use. 
  4. Wear protective equipment and follow prescribed protocols by the national,  regional, state, or local public-health authorities while configuring or cleaning the kiosk to reduce chances of contamination.

Apart from the above, the following ways will also ensure that the kiosk is operated in the most suitable way possible.

  1. Use the device in the correct way and the correct method.
  2. Do not create clutter around the kiosk machine.
  3. Keep a can of compressed air handy to clean the kiosk whenever possible
  4. Check the software and its compatibility with the kiosk machine multiple times.
  5. Use products and components matching the manufacturer’s requirements
  6. Test the kiosk to check if each part is working correctly. 

Wrapping Up:

Cleaning and maintaining a kiosk doesn’t have to be that complicated if you know the best ways and practices. However, it is even more important to clean the kiosk and its surrounding areas in the current pandemic situation whenever possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance will reduce the chances of having emergencies.


How do you clean a touch screen kiosk?

With the help of a soft, preferably micro-fiber cloth and mild cleaning agents, you can clean the touch screen kiosk.

How to sanitize my Kiosk after Covid-19?

Use mild cleaning products and a soft lint-free cloth to wipe down the kiosk and place an anti-bacterial gel to encourage visitors to clean their hands before touching the screen.

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