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Paper supplies are a necessary business expense for most businesses. From till rolls, cash register rolls to thermal rolls, stocking printing papers is a must for your business to remain operational. While the thermal paper cost for ATM machine generally doesn’t significantly affect your business’ operating budget, finding ways of cutting down on these costs can lead to good savings.

Despite being minimal, receipt paper costs can quickly add up if you aren’t careful. As such, this article outlines a few tips to save money when shopping for POS thermal rolls.

5 Important Tips to Lower Your ATM Paper Cost

Here are five money-saving tips to consider when purchasing your thermal receipt paper for ATM;

Side with Experienced Supplier

Purchasing your paper rolls from an experienced supplier can significantly save on cost and increase profits. Unfortunately, the thermal paper market is flooded with many suppliers, making it difficult to find an experienced supplier. Many fly-by-night companies have made it challenging to find the true value. This is why a thorough search is important.

Besides the risks of getting poor-quality paper rolls, dodgy suppliers can bloat up paper roll prices. Experienced POS paper suppliers also have good relationships with paper mill companies and can negotiate for low prices. They can also anticipate future changes in prices, thus can help their customers prepare in advance.

That said, as you consider ATM paper rolls suppliers proposals, be sure to ask the following questions;

  • What’s Your Price?

Most people begin their search for thermal paper suppliers by asking the price. While it isn’t a bad question to start with, you shouldn’t use it to choose the right thermal paper supplier. Remember that expensive papers don’t often translate to quality, and there is a big difference between cheap and affordable.

Cheap papers may end up costing more in the long run, especially if it doesn’t work better with your printing machine. Therefore, while you should look at the quotes from various ATM paper rolls suppliers, your search should consider other factors.

  • Does Your Thermal Paper Meet OEM Specifications?

As you may know, not all ATM thermal paper rolls are the same. Some thermal papers work better with specific machines. Experienced suppliers know which paper roll best suits which machine. By working with such, you will be sure that you are getting the right ATM receipt paper that meets OEM specifications and suits your machine’s specific make and model.

Using the wrong paper can scratch the print head, tear it at the wrong place, or jam the ATM, leading to costly repairs. Downtime during repairs is also costly.

  • Do They Provide Storage for Bulk Orders?

As you will see below, buying ATM papers in bulk is the best ways to save money. However, if you don’t have a large office, your supplier should provide storage space for the surplus until you are ready to use it. Large or bulk orders significantly reduce the thermal paper cost for ATM machine cost per roll. Established suppliers will provide reserving space in their storage warehouses for free. This saves on cost and minimizes the risk of price fluctuations.

  • Can the Orders Be Placed Online?

Time is money, and you should consider how long it takes to order your printing paper. Check to confirm if the supplier allows online purchases, as they are less expensive and take less time.

  • Is the Paper Environmentally Friendly?

Some thermal papers have BPA, a chemical associated with various health concerns. Your customers might ask if your receipts are BPA-free. You should be sure of this by asking your supplier to provide BPA-free ATM papers.

Pick the Right ATM Paper

Interestingly, not all thermal paper rolls are manufactured the same. Also, as mentioned, some paper rolls work better with specific machines. This is why working with an experienced supplier is beneficial. A good supplier will work with you to ensure that you get the right ATM paper that works best with your printers and card readers. This minimizes additional expenses resulting from tears and paper jams associated with using the wrong paper rolls.

Buy in Bulk

As mentioned, buying ATM thermal papers in bulk significantly reduces the cost per roll. Therefore, you should forecast your ATM paper needs in advance and buy in bulk. You should even consider consolidating regional or national POS paper orders with other businesses for an increased order size. Most suppliers can provide free/discounted storage space for customers with large orders.

Assure Proper Storage of ATM Paper Rolls

Buying in bulk and storing your paper roll properly is among the best ways of lowering your thermal paper cost for ATM machine. However, you should ensure that the paper retains its quality and integrity while being stored. That said, thermal papers should be stored in dark places with a relative humidity of 45% to 65%. Temperatures should also be below 77 degrees to ensure that the paper produces quality images even after three years.

Always Keep Your ATM Machine Clean

Regardless of the location of your business, your card readers and printing machines will collect dust and other contaminants over time. If not maintained, neglected machines will ultimately stop working properly or break down. Fortunately, most ATM paper suppliers often provide cleaning cards for your ATMs. Use them to maintain and correct any arising device errors before the machine suffers extensive damage.


Increasing your return on investment on ATM papers shouldn’t be difficult. It requires that you make smart decisions, such as buying in bulk, servicing your machine, ordering from experienced suppliers, and looking into other thermal paper cost for ATM machine saving tips. Even though receipt paper is just a commodity, there is a lot to consider besides its price. Order quality receipt paper rolls from Graphic Tickets today.

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Mindy Timm

Mindy Timm is the Sales Manager for Graphic Tickets & Systems, where she gives guidance and helps the customer with getting the product that will perform the best for their needs. Dedicated to the end-user, she is enthusiastic about talking to people all over the U.S. and taking care of their thermal paper needs as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can worry about the other projects on their desk. For more information about Mindy or thermal paper, please feel free to visit our website at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do thermal printers save money?

Thermal printers are very efficient and cost-effective, thanks to thermal printing technology. Unlike traditional printers, thermal printers are inkless. This eliminates the high recurring costs of buying ink and replacing ink cartridges, enabling businesses to save on their operational costs.

How long does thermal paper last?

Thermal printing on direct thermal paper can last for 7 to 125 years. However, printed material on premium thermal transfer paper lasts between 20 and 25 years, depending on the type of ribbon used. Thermal printing on synthetic media lasts for 20 years. However, this may vary depending on the storage conditions of the paper.

What is the difference between thermal paper and regular paper?

Unlike regular paper, thermal paper is coated with a dye and chemicals mixture, which reacts to heat when placed on thermal printers. This additional layer is also protective, as it prevents thermal papers from fading easily.

How are receipts printed?

ATM receipts printed from thermal papers contain chemicals that generate visible imprints when exposed to heat from the thermal printer print head. Chemicals on thermal papers contain heat-sensitive dye pigments. Similarly, receipts printed from regular POS receipt paper use ink or thermal ribbons to create imprints, while carbonless receipt papers generate imprints using pressure.

Are printed receipts necessary?

Yes. Receipts provide proof that a transaction occurred. They are good for record-keeping and tax purposes. They also help in limiting and correcting errors by employees and customers.

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