6 Tips to Improve Customer Experience at ATM Kiosks

As long as you provide better ATM services, there will always be a steady flow of customers using your ATM kiosk. You will get in your customers’ good graces if you find ATM solutions that satisfy their needs.

Graphics Tickets and Services can help as it provides futuristic ATM automation. It means self-service for your customers that eliminates waiting lines, ensuring faster and effective service. Alternatively, these are the best ways to improve customer experience at your ATM kiosk.

Tips To Improve Customer Experience at ATM Kiosks

There are various steps you can take in your quest to improve ATM customer service. As long as you understand that there is a need for improvement, you should know exactly where to start. Make Graphic Tickets and System your source for information about ATMs, especially if you want to learn more about ATM paper.

You could start by redesigning your kiosk following inspiration from the latest design ideas. Try combining design ideas needed to accommodate comfort over and above what the competition is offering. Find ways that your design will work to improve customer experience in all ways that matter.

Design Considerations

It’s important to consider accessibility when coming up with a design for your ATM. Making design considerations to fit people with disabilities should be an objective. Ensure that you eliminate barriers to increase accessibility for all ATM kiosk users.

Look into interface customization besides subscribing to a universal design for your kiosk. That should extend to the user interface design as well as the building and surroundings. For instance, leave sufficient room around your ATM to accommodate movement, and it’s also helpful if the floor is slip-resistant for safety reasons.

Store Thermal Paper in Temperature Control Environment

The ideal temperature to store thermal paper is 77 °F with humidity no higher than 65%. Storing thermal paper correctly protects image equality and image shelf life. It protects the dye and reactants that are essential for image formation.

Good quality images and print on thermal paper improve the legibility of the information for quick and easy confirmation. Moreover, it ensures that clients can store receipts for years on end but still find them in readable condition after that long.

Sort Money when Loading ATM to Prevent Potential Problem Bill that Could Cause Jam

Money jams occurring in the ATM can cause inconveniences for your customers. You have to sort out the bills and pick out any problematic-looking elements, such as folded notes.

The process of getting out money stuck in an ATM can be tedious, resulting in long wait times for customers. You can save your customers the agony of going through unpredictable waits by loading the money correctly.

Learn how to load the ATM the right way while sorting out the bills correctly–this can help minimize ATM jams.

Control Temperature in ATM Environment

The ATM is a complex machine with moving parts that produce heat when running. Naturally, most manufacturers design them to regulate temperature independently. Still, adverse weather conditions may negatively affect the ATM’s ability to adjust temperatures accordingly.

Further, extreme temperatures could cause malfunctions in your outdoor ATM kiosk. Customers generally stay away from problematic ATMs.

Additionally, it is a great relief for customers if they walk to your ATM kiosk and experience cool air. You can install air conditioning in your ATM space to allow customers to catch a break from the heat.

User Experience

It starts with paying attention to things that may not look like a big deal. Customers feel treasured when you make quality of life improvements, such as a better user experience, into your ATM machine. Further, try putting extra effort into ensuring that your customers have the best user experience in your ATM kiosk.

Doing the simple yet essential things for your customers shows your preparedness to serve them and sets you apart from other providers. Always keep in mind that it’s the little things that matter. For instance, take the initiative to:

  • Keep the touch screen clean: that involves wiping it with a non-abrasive cloth or wipe, using a cleaning product that does not contain undiluted ammonia or bleach, or alcohol concentration beyond 70% as they will discolor the screen.
  • Clean reader with cleansing cards: these will get rid of dirt, oils, lotions, and magnetic oxides that cause reading errors from optic and photo sensors during card transactions.
  • Regular scheduled preventive maintenance: you should keep a preventative maintenance schedule to detect, prevent, and correct any issues in your ATM kiosk. How often you conduct it will depend on customer traffic–more customers translate to more maintenance runs.
  • Replenish cassettes before low or out of cash status: doing this ensures you don’t run out of money, minimizes customer wait times, improving ATM kiosk runtime and efficiency.

Purchase the Right ATM Paper

Part of improving customer experience at your ATM kiosk is ensuring that you use the right products in your ATM. Using the wrong kind of ATM paper reduces its functionality. When purchasing the right ATM paper, ensure that you have the right thermal receipt paper rolls.

The right ATM thermal receipt paper works seamlessly to help produce logos, messages, and images. Exploring ATM receipt thermal paper from Graphic Tickets & Systems puts you in a position to know the right kind of ATM paper to buy.


The only way you can enhance customer experience is by handling ATM problems and solutions competently. That could mean regular maintenance, embracing universal ATM design, and storing ATM paper rolls correctly. In addition, include customer security as you integrate all the suggestions.

Visit Graphic Tickets & Automation today to purchase other products and services that will enhance customer experience at your ATM kiosk.

Written By
Mindy Timm

Mindy Timm is the Sales Manager for Graphic Tickets & Systems, where she gives guidance and helps the customer with getting the product that will perform the best for their needs. Dedicated to the end-user, she is enthusiastic about talking to people all over the U.S. and taking care of their thermal paper needs as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can worry about the other projects on their desk. For more information about Mindy or thermal paper, please feel free to visit our website at www.graphictickets.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ATM Security be improved?

Applying the latest findings in tech on an ATM can improve security. The most reliable security option for ATMs is encryption.
Encryption combined with staying vigilant of security threats can make ATMs secure. Vigilance includes checking the physical state of ATMs and installing security gadgets on an ATM to secure it.

Why is the ATM out of Service?

That could mean a number of things. Generally, the “ATM is out of service” notification appears when the ATM is out of cash. Secondly, the notification means the ATM is broken, is currently undergoing service or a cash refill.
Further, it could mean there is a power, system server, or affiliate service provider is offline is temporarily down.

What are the 3 Safety tips for using an ATM?

Use the following three safety tips when using an ATM to be on the safe side. Firstly, be aware of your surroundings. Bring someone along when visiting an ATM, especially at night, avoid darkly lit ATMs and those with suspicious characters hanging around.
Secondly, do not share your ATM card details, and use your body to shield your interaction with the ATM. Finally, examine the ATM for signs of tampering to avoid falling prey to card skimming scammers.

What are the facilities available to the customers through ATMs?

Cash withdrawal and checking account balance are essentially the primary services provided by ATMs. However, you can also pay utility bills like insurance payments, telephone and electricity bills, mobile recharging, and cash transfers through ATMs.

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