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    Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls

    The global pandemic brought businesses to a standstill, and no industries were as hard-hit as the twin institutions of cinema and live events. Thankfully, the CDC finally allowed people to go unmasked even in indoor events from February 2022, allowing event organizers and theaters to recover the massive losses they incurred in 2020-21. If you are in the industry, getting custom ticket roll printing for your business is the best way to make money fast. 

    Statista notes that event tickets for cinema and live events will likely rake in $72 billion in 2022. Custom printed cinema and event ticket rolls come with added security features for counterfeit prevention and can also help generate extra revenue for your business. This article highlights how you can use custom-printed cinema and event ticket rolls to benefit your venture. 

    Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) can help custom print cinema and event tickets tailored to your needs. We aim to provide tickets that bring your ideas to life and gain maximum return on investment on your purchase.

    What are Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls?

    Generally, you use cinema and event tickets to identify people who paid for an event or movie; it is your pass to enter a show venue. That said, you can opt for custom-printed event and cinema tickets, where you pre-print various information on the ticket, including your company logo, customized designs, and any vital information you want your customers to see. In short, custom ticket roll printing involves visually appealing pre-printed thermal paper rolls for event and cinema tickets.

    Using custom-printed movie and event tickets in your business is more beneficial than you think because custom ticket roll printing will go a long way in creating awareness for your brand. Brand awareness is essential for every business as 75 % of shoppers will likely purchase from a shop that knows their name and history. So, by just putting a logo on those event or cinema tickets, your clients will recognize your brand more and will likely return to purchase from you again.

    Moreover, custom-printed tickets can help generate revenue for your business by providing a template for companies to advertise their products and services at the back. Even if it’s not your products, you can still charge third parties for the advertisement real estate at the back of the custom-printed event tickets and cinema ticket rolls.

    We provide Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls for the following custom ticket roll printing mechanisms: 

    GTS provides custom ticket roll printing for the following:

    1. Bixolon
    2. BOCA
    3. Citizen
    4. Epson
    5. Star Micronics
    6. Practical Automation

      Custom Printing Ideas on Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls

      Whether it’s a business expo, a performance by a star artist, or a sports event, GTS will make custom print movie tickets according to your specifications. Here are some ideas that you can custom print on the tickets:

      1. Brand logo

      Custom printing a business logo on your tickets is an excellent way of creating an identity for your business. The logo creates a permanent imprint about your company on a person’s mind, which can help lure potential customers. There are some essential aspects that you should know about when printing logos on marketing materials.

      • Image formats: You should be using vector images for logo printing because they don’t blur easily. 
      • Colors to use: Research shows that punchy colors such as orange, red, yellow, blue, and greenprovide the highest conversion to paying customers.

      2. Event program

      Customers don’t have to go fishing for information about the live event. You can ensure an organized event by printing the event program by printing the schedule at the back of the ticket, so clients don’t miss out on a performance.

      3. Coupons 

      Another great idea is discount coupons, which is especially important when printing movie tickets. For instance, you can print a coupon at the back of the ticket for watching a movie at a discounted price if they return to your shop twice.

      4. Business advertisement

      The back of the thermal paper roll is prime real estate to put up an ad on a custom movie ticket. You can, for example, place logo signage for sponsors who helped make the event a success or place advertisements for neighboring businesses selling foods and beverages that your attendees can purchase. 


      At GTS, we value our customers, so we make premium-quality custom-printed movie and event tickets at a pocket-friendly price. On average, it would cost you about $0.02- $.10 per unit for 4,001- 10,000 custom tickets. However, this price may vary depending on different factors, including:

      • Size: The larger it is, the more expensive it becomes. 
      • Coloring: It would cost more to use colored prints, but it would be more attractive and eye-catching than when you use blank ones.
      • Unique design: If you want to include several designs that are out of the ordinary, that may add to the cost.


      Custom ticket roll printing should be a staple of your theater or live events business as they help you create unique branding, provide extra information, and can help you generate revenue from third-party advertisements. You can custom print everything from business logos to event programs, allowing you to create visibility or generate extra income from the event.

      At Graphic Tickets & Systems, we pride ourselves on being the best at producing high-quality custom-printed tickets at an affordable price. With our skilled and creative professional team and top-notch printing equipment, you can be sure to get class-leading custom-printed tickets that you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

      With our quick turnaround time, you can order a large bulk of tickets and still get them at the specified time. Visit our store today and place an order for your custom printed rolls for your cinema and event tickets. If you need help placing an order, feel free to contact us.


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