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    Custom Printed Ticket & Citation Rolls for Mobile Printers

    You may not always print tickets on-site as circumstances may force you to produce tickets with different information on the field. For instance, a client may require tickets for four people in a particular section on a football field. Issuing four separate tickets would be wasteful as you could print one ticket containing all the information for the four.

    That’s where custom-printed tickets for mobile printers come in. It grants you the ability to print tickets on the fly and have your branding at the back of every ticket. You can do the same for citation rolls as you often have to print different information for each offender. This guide examines how Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) produces custom printed ticket rolls and citation rolls for mobile printers.

    What are Custom Printed Ticket & Citation Rolls For Mobile Printers

    Ticket vendors sell custom printed tickets at cinemas, sporting events, concerts, and festivals. Depending on the occasion, you can make them in various sizes, colors, and styles with marketing information at the back to boost your visibility. Citation rolls are a common form of identification issued by law enforcement agencies. The term refers to small tickets containing name, address, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, fingerprints, and committed an offense.

    Since different offenders commit various offenses, you must print the time of the offense. Therefore, it makes sense to create custom citation rolls identifying the enforcement agency at the back and allow a blank front where the officer can print the offense’s details. Similarly, you can do the same for the customized ticket printing paper rolls in a mobile printer. These printers allow you to create custom printed tickets and citation rolls effortlessly.

    Some mobile printers are portable inkjet printers that connect via Bluetooth to smartphones or tablets. Others are single-unit affairs containing the input gadget and printing mechanism in one handheld device. These machines are ideal for creating personalized tickets and citations. Customized ticket and citation rolls printed from mobile printers can save you time and money.

    We provide Custom Printed Ticket & Citation Rolls For The Following Mobile Printers:

    1.     Bixolon
    2.     Brother Mobile
    3.     Citizen
    4.     CognitiveTPG
    5.     Datamax O’Neil
    6.     Dymo
    7.     Epson
    8.     GoDex
    9.     Infinite Peripherals
    10. Intermec
    11. Printek
    12. SATO
    13. Seiko Instruments
    14. TSC
    15. Toshiba
    16. Zebra

    These mobile printers are compact devices that allow you to print from almost anywhere. Most of these printers come in compact sizes, ranging from 3.5 x 2 inches to 8.3 x 11 inches. The most common size is 4.8 x 6.6 inches.

    Mobile printing has become very popular in recent years due to its convenience. The mobile printers are equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect them to a smartphone or tablet. This feature makes it easier to print documents without carrying bulky printers around.

    Standalone mobile printers are even more versatile as they will have an input typing pad and screen, allowing you to key in the information you need to print. The ticket printer paper rolls and citation printer paper rolls are within the same housing, so you print it on the same device once done. That means you can print on your custom printed ticket rolls and citation rolls wherever you are.

    Custom Printed Ticket & Citation Rolls Ideas on Mobile Printers

    You utilize custom roll tickets printing at concerts, cinemas, festivals, or sporting events. They provide a quick and convenient method of confirming that a person has paid for entrance to that function. Moreover, printed tickets and citation paper may contain additional information or marketing information at the back to use all that paper real estate.

    When designing your ticket form, consider using a template for your information and adding graphics and logos. Use a high-quality photo to represent your organization. Keep the design simple and sleek, and consider using barcodes, QR codes, or security strips to increase the functionality and safety of the custom tickets or citation papers. Here are some of the information you could print on the custom citation rolls and tickets.

    Coupons: Custom printed ticket rolls are essential for events where you want to give out special offers or promotions. For example, you might offer a discount to anyone who purchases a particular drink from an affiliated vendor at that event.

    Third-party advertisement: Third-party advertisements on tickets are becoming more common because they allow event promoters to increase the revenue they generate from each ticket sold. Whether attending a concert or a sporting event, these ads can help brands reach a wider audience.

    Marketing information: The back of most tickets are blank, so you can use that area to print marketing information to boost brand awareness and increase sales. Place your company logo in a prominent place as it is vital for revealing and cementing your corporate identity.

    Additional information: Instead of printing the same information repeatedly, you could pre-print all the most common information in each ticket or citation. For instance, you could print the official program information of the concert at the back to allow attendees to access information about the event easily. Alternatively, the citation slip could contain contact information or directions to buildings where the offender can get clearance.


    Depending on your requirements, you can print custom tickets and citation printer rolls from as few as 50 rolls and get discounts for larger volumes. 


    Custom printed tickets and citation rolls are a great way to promote your brand or event. These tickets also serve as an excellent promotional tool for your business or organization, from corporate events to concerts. Citation printer rolls allow you to print contact information at the back that offenders can use to clear their names.

    Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) can fulfill any order size of custom citation printer rolls or ticket paper rolls for mobile printers. We have warehouses with printing capabilities in all the major cities to ensure your order arrives on time. Contact GTS today to make your order for Custom printed tickets and citation rolls.






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