The cannabis industry is finally gaining traction after being legalized widely in 2016. According to Fortune, the cannabis industry will likely generate about $33 billion in 2022. Legislation requires that cannabis retailer correctly label their products from seed to sale to promote quality control.


We at Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) are the class-leading provider of custom cannabis stickers, decals, and cannabis paper rolls. Keep reading to find out how GTS can help meet legal requirements and the kind of labels and stickers you can place an order for printing.


Introduction to the Cannabis Industry 



The cannabis industry has exploded in recent years, thanks to the legalization of recreational use of cannabis-based products. Since Colorado and Washington first legalized it in 2012, Americans can now acquire cannabis in at least 19 states. However, there is a strict legal requirement that every legal cannabis seller must adhere to.


To stay on the law’s good side, you must use compliant cannabis labels that meet the stringent compliance requirements for labeling. All players in the supply chain must place compliant stickers in the labels and stickers, for instance:


  • Producers: You must accurately label the plants, right from the seed, throughout their growing phases, till harvest. The labels or stickers must be portable, barcode cannabis stickers, tree wraps, or pot stakes that withstand the wet, rough, and tumble greenhouse treatment.


  • Warehouses: If you run a warehouse, ensure the custom cannabis decals are stuck to the correct consignment to facilitate proper storage and tracing of the product from the moment you receive it to dispatch.


  • Distributors: The barcodes will come in handy in providing real-time order updates and sending them to the right retailers.


  • Retailers: Standard industry practice and regulations dictate that you operate stand-alone cannabis paper labeling solutions to accurately print customized cannabis decals, labels, tickets, storage ID labels, and hang tags.



 The goal is to maintain compliance standards, enable product tracking, and build customer confidence. Graphic Tickets & Systems (GTS) can help you beat the rigorous compliance requirements for retail and supply chain cannabis labeling using portable, scalable, and affordable custom cannabis paper printing solutions. Visit the website to learn more about GTS.

Receipt Paper Rolls

Make printing receipts faster, cheaper, and more accessible by customizing marijuana receipt paper rolls to your needs. That means the receipt paper rolls will contain preprinted standard and repeatable information, like your business logo and mailing address, so you won’t have to print that every time.


Custom receipt paper rolls for cannabis are special receipt paper rolls aimed at the cannabis industry, providing vital information such as its source to help with tracing. You can customize the high-quality cannabis receipt paper rolls to display whatever message you want, including third-party advertising information to gain extra income.


Custom Printed Receipts 


These give you a chance to get creative as you can choose a unique design that reflects your company goals. But perhaps the most crucial function of custom cannabis printed receipts is the ability to place marketing material on them. You can choose to preprint logos, surveys, coupons, or other information that will boost your branding.


After you’ve bought your legal marijuana and wanted to smoke it but were out of paper, you must have asked yourself, “can I use receipt paper to roll weed?” You shouldn’t because the chemicals in the thermal coatings are not designed to be digested and could spread into your body. High levels of the chemical can cause health issues, such as:


  • Diabetes


  • Attention disorders


  • Improper liver function


  • Altered sex-hormone concentrations


  • Heart diseases




Thermal Labels



Whether it’s a cannabis thermal barcode or printed thermal receipt paper rolls, your cannabis business will need custom thermal labels. You can boost your business using colorful logos designed to legal and personal specifications. Custom thermal printed cannabis paper rolls can accommodate all sizes, shapes, materials, and adhesives to ensure you stand out from the crowd.


Thermal labels allow you to stick vital information to the final product to show what the packaging contains using visually appealing labeling. Moreover, GTS ensures all the cannabis receipt paper rolls are BPA-free or phenol-free, which is excellent news for customers and your workers.


Custom Cannabis Labels


Not all cannabis products are the same—some are for medicinal purposes, while others don’t contain THC, which causes the high. Therefore, mislabeling could lead to catastrophic consequences. GTS’s cannabis labels use premium materials, moisture resistant, and permanent adhesive, which gives you the peace of mind that everything will stay in place.



Clearly label your products to avoid confusion by using custom cannabis labels to help customers quickly and effectively identify what they need. An excellent way to do it is using cannabis labels that contain THC warnings. Our cannabis labels are also FDA-approved for indirect food contact.





You can gain a lot from legal marijuana, but it is easy to fall afoul of the law because of the numerous strict laws. One way to stay on the good books is for suppliers, distributors, and retailers to adhere to the labeling guidelines from seed to sale, including providing stickers for planting pots, branches, storage boxes, jars, and vials, using stickers and labels with THC warnings and tamper-proofing.


Graphic Tickets & Systems are the leading providers of custom-printed cannabis stickers, labels, and paper rolls, so you can’t go wrong if you settle for us. We will provide all your cannabis labeling needs, namely stickers for CBD jars, bottles, tubes, and vials that comply with local regulations, such as QR codes, THC warnings, tamper-evident cannabis labels, and child-proofing to secure CBD products. Visit our website today to place your order for legal cannabis paper roll labels.



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