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What Number of Receipts Can You Get from a Single Paper Roll?

The use of receipts helps businesses in several ways. They not only make it easy for businesses to monitor their sales and transactions but are also a crucial enabler of the audit process. Receipts also make it easy for customers to return products previously sold by the business.

Interestingly, despite the increase in online transactions and digital receipts, most customers still prefer paper receipts. This makes it a must for businesses to purchase receipt paper rolls for their POS systems.

While many receipt papers are available, thermal receipt papers are the most popular type. However, they are available in varying sizes that suit different point of sale machines. Therefore, you should shop carefully to ensure that you purchase the right receipt paper roll for your machine. Order quality receipt rolls from Graphic Tickets.

Standard Sold Length of Receipt Paper Roll

Budgeting is an important part of business, regardless of the niche. If you run a fast-food restaurant or packing business where you issue receipts and tickets all day, your budget should include an allocation for procuring receipt paper rolls. To budget appropriately, you should determine the quantity of paper rolls sufficient for your business for your budgeting period.

You can estimate your receipt paper roll needs through simple calculations. While there is no standard receipt size for receipt paper rolls, receipt rolls are sold in varying lengths ranging between 50 and 273 feet. Small businesses with minimal receipt demands can budget for a 50-foot roll. An 80, 220, or 230-foot roll may be perfect, depending on your business operation.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Receipt Paper Roll

You should choose a perfect thermal paper size roll for your business. An extra-small receipt paper may cut off valuable information, while a large receipt is a waste of paper and may annoy customers. That said, consider the following factors to find a perfect receipt paper roll for your business;

  • POS Device

POS devices are thermal machines or systems used to produce receipts. They highly resemble modern printers, only that they are compact and portable. You should choose your receipt roll paper based on the size of your POS machine; getting the receipt paper size wrong will stall your printing, as these devices only work with specific papers.

  • Roll Width

After confirming the type of your POS machine, you should then focus on finding a receipt paper that suits its use. Begin by finding out the width of the receipt paper roll. Getting this measurement wrong means that the paper won’t fit the POS machine. Paper width is the distance across the paper face from one side to the other.

If you are using an already printed paper, don’t measure the width based on the printed text. It should be along the paper edge. Most thermal paper rolls have widths of 2 ¼ and 3 1/8 inches. Credit card machines also take receipt papers measuring 57mm, while receipt printers use 80mm wide rolls.

  • Roll Diameter

Roll diameter is the distance between two opposite sides of the roll taken through the core or center spindle hole. Receipt paper roll diameter varies, with some measuring 30mm, while large rolls can measure over 250mm. Note that the bigger the roll diameter, the more receipt paper is has wound. Similarly, remember to purchase a roll with recommended diameter. Purchasing one with a smaller or larger diameter may not fit your POS machine.

  • Core Size

You should also know the roll core measurements before choosing receipt roll for your POS machine. Most machines have core spindles or handles that support receipt paper on the roll when printing receipts. Therefore, you should ensure that the inner core fits the pin holder. The standard interior core size is 12.7mm.

  • Paper Thickness

The paper thickness is another important consideration to look into before buying receipt paper rolls. Experienced users suggest that thick receipt papers are durable. However, thickness reduces the number of receipts you can produce from one roll.

Follow these steps to know how many paper rolls to procure in a month

Estimating the correct receipt paper rolls required by your business in a month isn’t complicated as most people think. However, calculations may make it complicated, especially if you run a busy establishment that uses several paper rolls daily. However, you should know how many paper rolls your business use in a month to estimate your purchase quantities. Follow the following steps.

  • Measure the Receipt’s Length

The first step is to measure the length of your already printed receipts. Since no two receipts are the same, measure the length of 30 or 40 to get an average figure. You can also use receipts from different types of sales.

  • Get the Paper Roll’s Length

The second step is finding out your paper roll length and printer POS machine model. You can then know the paper roll length through either of the following methods;

  • Ask your paper roll supplier – this is the easiest way to know the length of this rolled piece of paper.
  • Measure the length of the roll – if you have a full roll, you can unroll and measure it using a tape measure. This is a difficult and tedious option.
  • Use the formula – if you know the size of receipt paper, for instance, the 80x80mm roll, you can calculate the length of the rolled-up paper using this formula. 
  • Do Simple Math

You can then calculate the number of receipts that can be printed from one paper roll using the findings of the first two steps. With the receipt paper length and paper roll length, you can estimate as follows;

Assuming you use a calculator that prints receipts that are 10cm long and the receipt paper roll length is 60m, you can get up to 600 receipts from a single roll.

You can then use these findings to estimate the number of receipts you need in a month. For instance, suppose your business attracts an average of 150 customers per day; you will need 150 receipts every day. Remember, these receipts have an average length of 10cm.

If the paper roll length is 60m, you will be using an estimated 15m per day. This means that one roll will last about four days, and you will need approximately eight rolls every month.


Using thermal receipt paper roll for your business has a lot of benefits. However, not all thermal papers are the same. You should find suitable paper roll types and sizes for your POS systems. That aside, you should also budget and estimate your monthly receipt paper requirements. Knowing your monthly needs eliminates shameful cases of running out of printing paper. You can also comfortably buy in bulk from reliable paper roll suppliers, such as Graphic Tickets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What paper is used for receipts?

Thermal paper or audit roll of paper is the main paper used for printing receipts. It is a smooth surface paper mostly used by thermal printers, credit card terminals, and cash registers.

How do you measure receipt paper?

You can measure the width of receipt paper using a tape measure. Take the distance across from the face from left to right.

How much paper is on a roll?

Most rolls have approximately 150 sheets of paper. However, some double rolls can have up to 352 sheets.

How wide are receipts?

Most receipts printed from standard receipt paper rolls are 3 1/8 inches wide.

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