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Weather Resistant Parking Ticket Paper – Things to Consider While Purchasing

Currently, businesses globally heavily rely on thermal printers to print various types of receipts. Unfortunately, most people overlook the importance of choosing a printing method that suits their needs and quality thermal rolls. If you are in the parking business, choosing weatherproof paper for printing your parking ticket receipt has several benefits.

Weather resistance is among the crucial factors to consider when choosing a parking receipt paper. Without proper resistance against various external elements, your parking tickets will easily be damaged. This is not only frustrating to your customers because they can’t read but also costly to your business.

That said, the guide below outlines the benefits of choosing the right weather-resistant paper for your parking needs from Graphic Tickets.

5 Reasons for Considering Thermal Paper for Your Parking Tickets

Your thermal paper for a receipt should be resistant against various elements to ascertain longevity. Below are some benefits of using weatherproof paper.


Durability is an important element of any weather-resistant paper. Therefore, when choosing a thermal paper for your tickets, evaluate if the paper can withstand heat, rain, and snow. Choosing weatherproof thermal labels for your printing needs eliminates possible mishaps and reduces customer complaints.

That said, it is worth noting that various components determine the durability of thermal paper. First is the paper thickness. Thick layered thermal printer shipping labels assure high quality and ascertain durability. The thickness of waterproof thermals is measured in mils, which is 1/1000th of an inch.

Another thing to consider in durable thermal paper rolls is temperature tolerance. Most thermal papers are designed to withstand temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These are typical temperatures that can be attained by parked vehicles in most parking areas. That said, avoid parking ticket papers that temperatures below this limit can destroy.

Last is moisture tolerance. You should purchase a waterproof paper roll to be sure of your parking ticket’s durability. Most paper rolls lose their legibility when exposed to humid environments or moisture.

Therefore, while you should store your paper rolls in a dry environment, purchase water-resistant printer paper with a protective waterproof coating. Thermal rolls with polypropylene film are moisture-resistant and can be used in moist environments.

Printing ability

The second reason for using weatherproof paper for your parking tickets is their printing ability. This denotes the paper’s ability to absorb ink and deliver a legible and lasting display. However, you should choose a thermal paper that matches your printer specs to achieve this benefit. Choosing a good printing paper eliminates potential smearing or fading, making it impossible to read printed instructions.

Just to mention, there are high and low sensitivity thermal papers. The sensitivity of thermal papers denotes the extent to which the thermal paper can react to specific levels of heat exposure. Therefore, when searching for a suitable thermal paper for your printer, ensure that the sensitivity of your paper of choice matches your thermal printer heat output.

Choosing between low and high sensitivity thermal papers determines the print quality and shelf-life of your parking tickets. The sensitivity of weatherproof paper and printer heat is inversely proportional. This means that printers that deliver high heat levels can excellently print low-heat sensitivity paper rolls and vice versa.

Thermal papers with low heat sensitivity are often cheaper. Therefore, it is prudent to buy printers with high heat output to save on thermal paper costs.

Thermal coating

Thermal papers have a thermal coating that makes them weatherproof while allowing them to be used by various printers. As you may know, through thermal paper technology, images are produced on thermal paper when the paper passes through a heated thermal print head. Images and texts are created through heat transfer. The thermal coating on these paper rolls changes color to black when heated.

This means that ink cartridges and ribbons are not required during printing. However, while they vary slightly from normal printing paper, the thermal coating on thermal paper rolls makes them weatherproof. Most thermal papers have a base paper, pre-coat layer, and thermal layer.

However, some have a topcoat, which provides additional protection and durability. The backside can also be coated to boost its printability and provide reverse-side protection from adhesives. The topcoat layer offers unmatched protection from oil, water, solvents, scratches, and humidity.

Leaves no smudges

Smudge-free printout is another reason why you should use thermal paper for your parking tickets. Unlike ink ribbons and cartridges that leave smudges on paper printouts, thermal rolls provide high-definition receipts that are smudge-free. Smudged printouts are often associated with traditional printers and indicate possible problems in the printer.

Dirt, dust, and toner that accumulates on printer rolls and transfer belts can cause smudges and smears as the paper goes through. This is why regular cleaning is recommended for those who use these printers. Faded prints and ink smudges can also occur due to ink cartridge problems. Therefore, always check your printer’s ink cartridges to ensure that there is no dried ink.

Faster print process

Printing with thermal printers cannot be compared to the printing process given by traditional printers. However, thermal printers are typically workhorse machines, which is why most businesses that require heavy printing have adopted them. They can produce large volumes of durable parking tickets, labels, barcodes, and signs.

Unlike traditional dot matrix or inkjet printers, thermal printers print fast, and ink dries quickly. These printers have a high printing speed ranging between 1 and 30 lines per second. With this, your customers won’t have to wait longer for their parking tickets.


Choosing good-quality parking paper tickets might seem an easy task on the surface. However, you should consider several factors to find the perfect parking ticket paper rolls. If you aren’t sure if your thermal labels are waterproof, this guide can hopefully shed some insights. Order excellent quality and weather-resistant parking tickets from Graphic tickets today.

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Mindy Timm

Mindy Timm is the Sales Manager for Graphic Tickets & Systems, where she gives guidance and helps the customer with getting the product that will perform the best for their needs. Dedicated to the end-user, she is enthusiastic about talking to people all over the U.S. and taking care of their thermal paper needs as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can worry about the other projects on their desk. For more information about Mindy or thermal paper, please feel free to visit our website at

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test thermal paper?

Scratching the paper with your fingernail is the simplest way to identify thermal papers. To be sure that you have the right thermal paper, scratch both sides of the paper. Thermal papers should produce black marks on the surface. If there are no marks on either side, the paper is probably not thermal paper.

What type of paper is water-resistant?

Most papers with synthetic coating are water-resistant. Moisture-resistant paper rolls have polypropylene film coating that prevents water or moisture damage.

What is all-weather paper?

All-weather papers are printing papers that can typically withstand extreme conditions. Such papers can hold up and maintain readability even when exposed to harsh external conditions, such as rain, snow, sun rays, and more.

Is weatherproof paper waterproof?

While weatherproof papers can withstand water and moisture to some degree, there is no paper that is truly waterproof, even if it can be used underwater. Therefore, weatherproof paper is waterproof only if exposed to minor humid conditions.

Does thermal receipt paper expire?

Yes. Printed thermal papers can last for 7 to 20 years. However, these documents should be stored under good conditions to increase their shelf life. You should observe various storage conditions to maintain your thermal paper’s condition.

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