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Top 5 Advantages of Adopting Advertising On ATM Paper

Most financial institutions have caught on to this novel way of marketing – ATM receipt advertising. If you are interested in pursuing ATM receipt advertising but are worried about its pricing, this is an in-depth analysis of its cost.

What is ATM receipt advertising? 

It refers to the practice of printing advertisements on an ATM receipt or terminal printed receipt. You will likely see the ATM paper advertising at the back of the paper where it would otherwise be blank. Depending on the printer, the information will either be pre-printed or produced during regular printing.

Benefits of advertising on ATM thermal paper

1. Reach your loyal customer

Since you are advertising on your ATM receipts, it means the advertising literally lands on your clients’ hands.

You guarantee that the ads reach your most loyal customers who are receptive to purchasing the products. 

Studies show patrons spend 20-40% of the cash withdrawn in a store on that store. If you place your advertisement on an ATM receipt near your establishment, there’s a good chance you will have a share of that pie.

2. More efficient than other media channels

As ATM paper contains critical financial information, you can rest assured the customers will scrutinize the receipt, presenting a great chance to read the promotional messaging.

What’s more, the marketing effort is more focused than conventional advertising channels as the users are your clients. That means you can provide targeted promotions to improve the chances of landing sales.

Many ATM users retain their receipts for reference purposes, extending the publicizing duration.

3. Low-cost

The cost of running ATM receipt advertising pales into insignificance compared to other platforms like TV and radio.

While these platforms will cost you thousands of dollars, you can probably execute a successful ATM advertising from the spare change lurking in your sofa cushions!

Third-party vendors can benefit too. They already know you’re demographic, so they could seek your ATMs for advertising spots if they align with theirs.

4. Mass Reach

Most financial institutions have state or nationwide reach, which gives them a chance to reach their target audience en masse using ATM receipt advertising.

Further, a cleverly placed ATM in a strategic location with high traffic can amplify your ATM advertising operation’s reach.

5. High ROIs

Studies show that ATM advertising has a superb ROI. You’re looking at a publicity medium that’s approximately 200% more potent than email advertising, which is a beast of an advertising channel in its own right.

For starters, ATM advertising can generate 20-40% more transaction volume, depending on the location.

To turbo-charge, your marketing drive, use the receipts as part of a redemption process, which will allow you to gauge the measures clients are taking and the ROI.

What industries need advertising on ATM receipts? 

1. E-Commerce

Just because buying and selling of products and services happen over the internet does not mean physical receipts aren’t involved.

The IRS requires establishments to keep copies of receipts involving financial transactions for at least 18 months, so you must produce a receipt.

2. Finance and Banking services

You won’t find more sensitive information than financial transactions. Clients need the receipts to confirm balances and for future references in case of a dispute.

3. Health care services

Most healthcare service providers send their bills to your insurance for healthcare reimbursement. They have to submit itemized receipts.

4. Fast food chains

Some fast-food chains use receipts for targeted promotions, requiring patrons to return the receipts for reimbursements or free meals.

5. Automobile services

It would help if you kept a chronological sequence of every service. It adds value to the vehicle because it proves you have taken great care of the car.

6. Food and beverage brands

They need them because receipts provide details of food sources and manufacturing dates – information that might prove vital in tracing and absolving the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

7. Clothing line

You have to produce a receipt for every sale as proof of purchase. If a client does not have a receipt, you have no legal obligation to give a refund.

8. Electronics

While you’re not legally obligated to provide one, you must issue one if you demand a receipt for returns or refunds.

 What is the cost of advertising on ATM papers?

While some ads on ATM receipts may look extravagant, they aren’t that expensive. The ballpark figure for displaying customized prints and messages on ATM receipts is $6.25 per roll. Have a look at Graphic Tickets & Systems for the best deals on ATM paper.

In marketing terms, that translates to about $1 cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). That means every roll will produce 6,250 ad impressions.

HOT TIP: in media advertising, $1 CPM is bargain basement pricing compared to the alternatives. Here’s a comparison:

  • Network TV – $28
  • Print media – $17
  • Cable TV – $12
  • Radio – $10
  • Out-of-home – $5
  • Online marketing – $2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why advertising on ATM receipts is good for your business

Apart from its cost-effectiveness, ATM receipts advertising targets your loyal customers, will reach a broader demographic, and offers a better ROI.

Can I choose advertisements on ATM receipts for Small businesses?

Sure, you can run ATM receipts promotions for your small business. You probably have a thermal printer; the smart move would be to take advantage of it by printing promotional material on the receipts.

What is ATM marketing?

It is a form of placing advertising and marketing information on customized ATM receipts, using the blank spaces at the back of ATM paper.

Difference between the cost of ATM advertising vs. ATM receipt advertising

ATM advertising refers to the entire marketing effort that exploits all the available resources around an ATM, including the surrounding walls and ATM receipts.
Therefore, the cost of ATM advertising denotes the total budget of running a marketing campaign on the ATM screen, screens above the ATM, ATM branding, and thermal paper advertising. On the other hand, ATM receipt advertising is simply the cost of running promotional material on customized ATM receipts.

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