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Everything You Need to Know About BPA-Free Thermal Paper

Despite the wide array of available receipt paper types, thermal paper rolls remain the widely used paper by businesses in every sector. Unlike standard printing papers, thermal paper rolls change when exposed to heat, making them cheaper since no ink or cartridge is required.

Thermal paper rolls are an integral part of most business transactions, with most people accustomed to the use of receipts and tickets when paying for goods and services.

Interestingly, even with wide usage, most businesses and customers rarely pay attention to the type of receipt paper used to prove their transactions. Read on if you are not sure what is BPA-free thermal paper, its pros and cons. 

What is BPA Free Paper?

BPA, or Bisphenol, is a synthetic chemical commonly used in several industrial applications since it was discovered in 1891 by a Russian chemist. Among the many industrial applications of BPA is in the manufacture of paper rolls.

However, its use on various products raised some health concerns. Several studies concluded that excessive exposure to BPA could lead to adverse body effects, especially hormone production and the brain.

Due to these health risks, paper manufacturing companies started manufacturing BPA-free thermal paper, eliminating the use of this potentially harmful chemical. That said, as the name suggests, BPA-free receipt paper is thermal paper rolls that don’t contain BPA.

Does BPA Have the Potential to Harm?

The debate on the health risks of BPA exposure through receipt papers remains open. However, being a known endocrine disruptor, some studies have linked this compound to various health issues. What makes BPA a potent health risk is how it easily penetrates the skin. As such, handling papers made using BPA can increase the levels of this chemical in the body, as it easily rubs off.

High levels of BPA in the blood can disrupt both male and female endocrine and reproductive systems. Excessive levels have also been associated with obesity, heart diseases, impaired liver and kidney function, altered thyroid function, and hyperactivity.

In men, severe effects include reduced libido, altered concentrations of sex hormones, and low sperm quality. On the other hand, BPA can predispose women to polycystic ovary syndrome, miscarriage, increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, and premature delivery.

That said, even if you don’t work as a cashier, you can still be exposed to BPA since thermal papers are used in nearly all receipts, ranging from airline boarding passes, luggage tags, tickets to sporting events and amusement parks to prescription bottles.

What Alternatives Are Available for BPA-Free Paper?

The best alternative to BPA-free receipt paper is BPA-free thermal paper rolls made of Bisphenol S. Unfortunately, BPA and BPA-free thermal paper have the same properties. BPS has the same properties as BPA, which most people try to avoid by opting for BPS.

That aside, another common alternative is BPA and BPS-free urea-based papers. Urea-based compounds don’t have any hormone-altering side effects associated with extensive exposure to BPA and BPS. However, due to these benefits, urea-based paper products are pricier than BPA/BPS coated papers but provide a better overall print quality.

Graphic tickets sell a wide array of BPA-free thermal receipt paper to customers with concerns about the deleterious health effects of BPA to their employees and clients.

Which is the Best Receipt Paper for Thermal Printing?

Like other printing supplies, you may have some preference when choosing the best BPA-free receipt paper. If you have some concerns about BPA and BPS, the source for urea-based BPA-free paper rolls alternatives. Similarly, if you want a cost-effective printing paper that can unlikely cause any health issues, go for standard printing papers.

BPA-Free Thermal Paper: The Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons of embracing the use of BPA-free thermal papers;

The Pros

  • It’s Environment Friendly

The campaign towards sustainable energy and awareness of environmental conservation efforts increase every day. With more businesses going green, you can join the movement by purchasing and using BPA-free thermal receipt papers in your business. Apart from direct human contact, BPA can also harm animals.

Several research studies have linked BPA to altered behavior, increased abnormalities, and cardiovascular system issues of aquatic animals to BPA-laden compounds. Note that paper waste and other plastics with BPA are washed into water bodies.

  • It Reduces Health Risks

Handling BPA thermal paper rolls increases exposure to these harmful chemicals. A study noted that those who constantly use BPA receipt papers are prone to be exposed to up to 71micrograms of BPA per day. While this is less than the tolerable daily intake, most people become more vigilant about exposure to harmful chemicals. Therefore, using BPA-free thermal receipt paper can alleviate your employees’ and customers’ worries.

The Cons

  • It Costs a Bit More

If you run a small business, BPA-free receipt paper may be expensive. They might reduce your profits significantly and not be viable if you want to reduce the cost of production. However, while you can use premature BPS paper rolls, which are an affordable option to BPA, the main challenge is determining that BPS was used in its premature state.

  • Alternatives are Also Harmful

Even though BPS is a good alternative to BPA, the compound also has safety concerns. If BPS isn’t used correctly to manufacture receipt thermal paper rolls, it can have the same health effects as BPA. It can also lead to obesity and impaired psychomotor development, especially in children.


BPA-free receipt paper rolls are a good option for businesses concerned about their employees’ and customers’ health. However, BPA thermal paper rolls cannot be identified by simply looking at them. To identify these papers, try scratching the printed side. If the scratch leaves a dark mark, the paper contains BPA.

Using BPA-free thermal paper rolls not only limits your risk of being exposed to various health issues but also shows your concern in maintaining the environment. If you are a business owner looking for quality and safe thermal paper rolls, these are the best options.

If you have any questions about this type of paper, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support.


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