Increase revenue with these complimentary ATM marketing campaigns

One of the keys to effective advertising is getting one’s ad message as close to the point-of-purchase as possible. Doing so ensures that the message is reaching a prospective customer when one’s product or service has the most potential to be top-of- mind.

For financial institutions (FIs) and independent ATM distributors (IADs), the ATM provides the ideal outlet. No other media channel is as targeted, or capable of reaching a current, or potential customer, when money is as top-of-mind.

Many FIs and IADs do not take advantage of this idyllic advertising channel, however. Not because they lack the knowledge, budget, or desire. Rather, they lack the strategy and creative ideas required to execute an effective campaign.

Large institutions often partner with advertising agencies that employ teams of creative professionals to help come up with marketing campaigns. Smaller institutions may not have the marketing budget to afford such a luxury. But that shouldn’t stop them from utilizing what is arguably the most effective advertising channel at their disposal.

If you’re looking for some marketing thought starters, this white paper is for you. Following is a list of creative ways to use your ATM Paper to promote your products, drive incremental revenue, and strengthen customer loyalty. All for free.

Drive Customers Online

Marketers are always looking for ways to deepen the customer relationship and encourage ongoing interaction with the brand. Driving people to the company website is a great way to do that, provided that the customer is given a valid reason to visit the site and is rewarded for his or her time.

The ATM receipt is an effective way to drive website traffic and incite people to sign up for email communications or become fans and followers of an institution’s social media networks.

Here are a couple of suggestions to consider:

  • Drive database opt-ins: Many companies collect a list of people who have opted to receive communications from the brand. These communications usually consist of emails that contain relevant news, current or upcoming promotions, and/or information about pertinent products. The ATM receipt is a great way to inform people of the value delivered through these communications and invite them to sign up to receive them.
  • Build your fan base: Social media is another excellent way to build relationships and communicate with one’s customers. Consider providing sample posts on the back of ATM receipts, previewing the type of valuable content that people can expect to receive through your social media channels.

Or, perhaps, conduct a fun promotion to entice people to join your social media channel. Consider printing trivia questions, preferably about the brand or industry in general, and ask people to post their answers to your Facebook page, or Twitter account with a special #hashtag. This initiative would not only help build one’s fan base, but can help create a sense of community around one’s brand as well.

Deliver Added Value

A great way to create affinity for your brand is to add value to your customers’ lives without asking for anything in return.

Following are a few ways to use your ATM Paper to help improve your customers’ day, and elevate your brand in their mind:

  • Provide financial tips: Delivering financial advice on the back of thermal paper receipts can help position your institution as a thought leader while helping your customers make smarter financial decisions.
  • Empower people with inspirational quotes: Nothing can boost one’s day like a blast of inspiration. Give each ATM customer a dose of positive optimism with inspirational quotes printed on the back of each receipt.
  • Make them smile with a cartoon strip: Financial institutions don’t always have to be so serious. Show customers that you have a sense of humor by sharing the gift of laughter with funny cartoon strips. Just be sure to avoid politics, religion, or any other sensitive topics that have the potential to offend someone.
  • Give them a simple recipe to try at home: Food is about as universal of a topic as it gets. And people are always looking for fun new recipes to try out. Consider sharing simple food or drink recipes from bank employees to further personalize the offer. Make it into someone’s kitchen and your brand will enjoy a special place in their home.


Customers are consistently drawn to promotions, whether it be a limited time discount on a product or service, or the chance to win a prize based on a purchase. Promotions create a sense of urgency in a customer. The individual realizes that if he or she doesn’t act now, they may miss out on a rare opportunity to get a great deal.

When using ATM Paper to advertise a promotion, consider these effective tips:

  • Create a coupon: Turn the paper receipt into a “coupon” to be redeemed at a branch location for the special, limited time offer. This puts something tangible in the customer’s hand, and serves as a reminder until they are ready to take action. Customers are familiar with coupons, they understand their value and method of exchange. They know that with a coupon, they are getting a special deal.
  • Get personal: Customers like to know who they are doing business with, and feel as though they are more than just a number. Consider personalizing your promotional message by including a specific person to contact, or a special promotional web page to visit that can direct them to the appropriate person at his or her local branch.

When considering promotions, be sure to partner with a promotions company, and experienced paper manufacturer, that can help prevent, or minimize, user fraud.

Loyalty Programs

While loyalty is best garnered by building a relationship based on trust and reliability, there are ways that marketing can help facilitate this bond through reward systems and delightful surprises.

Consider these simple ideas when using ATM Paper to promote a loyalty program:

  • Offer rewards: Consider creating a reward system based on transactions. Have a customer keep their specially marked receipts, which can later be redeemed for loyalty points. Perhaps these points can be used to lower interest rates on certain products, or increase the rate of interest applied to account balances. Clearly, it is up to the financial institution to decide which rewards are feasible, but the idea is to encourage loyalty by rewarding a continuity of business using points printed on receipts.
  • Be surprising: Consider offering a surprise gift to customers using the ATM. For instance, randomly selected receipts could have a special code printed on them that allows a customer to receive some kind of prize. This could even be a small cash reward that they could redeem on the spot while at the ATM. These type of surprises, and generous gestures, strengthen the way a customer feels towards their financial institution, which will not only make them more loyal, but will also make them more likely to tell others how great of an institution you are.

While advertising agencies can be a treasure trove of creative ideas, they aren’t necessary to develop an effective campaign. When it comes to utilizing ATM Paper for promotional purposes, the most experienced and innovative thermal paper manufacturers know how to maximize this media space, and are prepared to deliver actionable ideas.

Considering the nominal cost to custom print on the back of a receipt, it’s something every FI and IAD should incorporate into their marketing plans. Please contact us to discuss your thermal paper needs or to receive a free quote.

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