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Enhance Your ATM Paper Transactions

There she stands – your ideal customer – interacting with your ATM. This is a coveted moment for most companies. A time when you have your customers undivided attention. Soon, though, she’s going to walk away with her money and move on with her day. How can you take advantage of this golden opportunity? How can you make that transaction count?

First, let’s start with the basics. You need to get your costs in line. There’s no reason to pay a penny more than necessary for quality stock ATM paper rolls. Well, with GTS, you won’t. We offer the industry’s lowest costs, guaranteed.

Plus, our stock ATM paper matches all makes and models, including Diebold, NCR, and Fujitsu, is ready when you need it, and is delivered accurately 99.9% of the time. Hey, no one’s perfect. But we come darn close.

But don’t stop there. Think of all the money you spend trying to market to this customer through less targeted media channels. Our custom printing solutions offer a far more efficient way to brand your company or cross-promote pertinent products, all when your brand is in the forefront of your customers mind. Click HERE to see how our cost-per-impressions compare to other media vehicles.

Don’t overpay for bond and thermal ATM paper. Maximize your transactional media.

Let’s Make Every Transaction Count.

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We're the premier supplier of thermal paper. Why? Performance, plain and simple. Whether you need ATM Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, Mobile Printer Rolls, POS Paper, or Kiosk Paper, you can count on unrivaled quality, and the industry's lowest costs.

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