DA series from TSC printers provides the user with an ideal combination of affordability as well as state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the TSC DA210/DA220 series comes with a wide range of unique and versatile features. Therefore, these printers are used in different industries for various uses.

However, you cannot make the most out of your printer without knowing its specifications and the type of receipt paper used in it. Therefore, you will get information about the TSC DA10/DA220 printer paper rolls and their specifications on this category page.

About TSC DA210/DA220 Receipt Printer Paper Rolls

The DA210/DA220 Series of the direct thermal printers are ideal for a wide range of applications, including marking, shipping labels, small offices, point of sale, retail, and other labeling or tag applications.

Therefore, the DA210/DA220 Series has been built to be the right fit for your different applications. In addition, the printers in this series can handle up to 5″ OD roll size. Therefore, you must remember its suitable size while purchasing the TSC DA210/DA220 Receipt Printer Paper Rolls. Furthermore, the TSC DA210/DA220 printer can print the text up to 6 inches per second. So, let’s go through the next section to know more about the TSC DA210/DA220 Receipt Printer Paper size.

What standard paper size does TSC DA210/DA220 Receipt Printer Paper Roll use?

The TSC DA210/DA220 Direct Thermal Printer comes with eight dots/mm (203 DPI) resolution and a maximum print speed of 152.4 mm (6″) per second. In addition, the maximum print width of the printers is 108 mm (4.25″). The TSC DA210/DA220 receipt paper rolls width is 19 ~ 114 mm (0.7“~ 4.5“). Moreover, it supports the thermal paper with 0.055 ~ 0.19 mm (2.16 ~ 7.48 mil) thickness. Hence, you can provide a lot of information on a single piece of paper.

Apart from this, you can also load the other TSC DA210/DA220 receipt printer paper roll after the previous with zero hassle and without facing any paper jam or clogging.

What are the best uses of TSC DA210/DA220 series receipt printer paper?

The best uses and advantages of the TSC DA210/DA220 printer are discussed below: –

1)-     Entertainment and Transportation Ticketing

You can use the TSC DA210/DA220 receipt printer paper rolls to print tickets for travel and entertainment services.

2)-     Shipping & Receiving

Another major use of the TSC DA210/DA220 receipt printer paper rolls is printing receipts or bills for shipping. Apart from this, it is also used for printing receipts after receiving payments.

3)-     Mail Room Address and Routing Labels

The printing paper is also used to print the mailroom address and routing labels.

4)-     Retail Point-of-Sale

This is one of the most common uses of the TSC DA210/DA220 receipt printer paper rolls. It is used to print bills or receipts in shops, malls, etc.

5)-     File Folder Labeling

For the easy circulation and identification of the file, TSC DA210/DA220 receipt printer paper is also used for labeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a 2-ply carbonless paper roll in my TSC DA210/DA220 Printer Thermal Paper Rolls?

No, you cannot use a carbonless paper roll in your TSC DA210/DA220 printer. Also, the series supports continuous, black mark, fanfold, notched (outside wound) types of paper. Therefore, you should accordingly choose the TSC DA210/DA220 printer paper rolls.

How do I clean my TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer?

You can clean your printer by using the cleaning tools and methods discussed below: -
Cleaning tools – Cotton swab, lint-free cloth, vacuum/blower brush, and 100% Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol.
Tips to follow while cleaning your printer:-
1)- You should always turn off the printer before cleaning its print head and wait for a minute until it cools down. Then take the Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol in a cotton swab to clean the surface of the print head.
2)- You can clean the platen roller after turning off the printer. Clean it thoroughly with water.
3)- You can clean the peel bar of the printer with a lint-free cloth and 100% Ethanol.
4)- Use compressed air or a vacuum to clean the sensor. In addition, to clean the printer's exterior, you can use a water-damped cloth and wipe the printer with it.
5)- You can clean the interior of the printer with a brush or vacuum.

What is the thickness and length of TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer paper rolls?

The thickness of the TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer paper rolls is 0.055 ~ 0.19 mm (2.16 ~ 7.48 mil). The length of TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer is 10 ~ 2,286 mm (0.39 "~ 90 ").

How many TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer paper rolls can be purchased at one time?

You can purchase the TSC DA210/DA220 Series printer paper rolls as per your requirement. However, you must consider the environmental conditions of your storage area because storing the paper rolls in a damp environment can affect its quality. Moreover, if you want to avail of any discount offers by purchasing the paper rolls in bulk, you can ask them to provide you with a storage area. For instance, you can purchase paper rolls in bulk and book a storage area at Graphic Tickets.

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