A kiosk is typically a small open-front selling booth placed inside or outside shopping centers and similar locations to sell tickets, household supplies, newspapers, POS items, and other products. Kiosks may differ in industry, but they surely have similar presentations. Kiosks and Self-service booths can vary on the items they sell. For example, employment, food service, healthcare, or photo kiosks.  


Graphic Tickets & Systems is a one-stop destination for all your kiosk and self-service supplies needs. Don’t let your customers go away due to a lack of inventory of relevant supplies. Keep up with your customer needs, whether Cleaning Cards, Receipt Paper Rolls, or Custom Receipt paper rolls- Get a trusted Kiosk supplier


We at Graphic Tickets serve many industries and understand what it takes to thrive in the competitive market. Businesses must adhere to nothing but quality products or services to overcome competition. Quality products, followed by excellent customer service and assistance, can add much to your brand identity. However, kiosk supplies are easily available at Graphic Tickets & Systems. We provide stock and custom Receipt Paper Rolls and cleaning products such as Cleaning Cards for your kiosk devices, including printers, ticket dispensers, and other self-service printing kiosk machines. 


  • Receipt Paper Rolls


Businesses are becoming more advanced with digital transformation in the last decade. Today, you can get anything from a self-service or kiosk machine that prints out your receipts, paper rolls, etc. Thermal paper is often used in printing receipts, tickets, and labels. It can also be found in ATM receipts, lottery tickets, and even as a way to print out a boarding pass at the airport. Similarly, when used for billing, these thermal paper rolls are called receipt paper rolls.


We at Graphic Tickets & Systems offer you best-in-class thermal receipts paper rolls for all your Kiosk or Self-service business needs. Receipt paper rolls are also called POS paper and are considered more durable than other types of paper. Popular paper roll widths include 2 1/4 and 3 1/8 inches. Generally, credit card terminals can use a 56mm wide roll, and 80mm is the most common for Kiosk receipt printers.


  • Custom Receipt Paper Rolls


Our custom-printed receipts are skillfully designed to provide you with comfort and quality products simultaneously. Graphic Tickets produces personalized cash receipt books to give your business a brand new persona over competitors. Kiosks also need to have well-organized and neat receipts for purchases and billing. Customers want uniqueness and authenticity when they decide to buy your products. So our receipt paper is for your Kisosk receipt printer.


Our excellently designed and intelligently produced cash receipt books are custom printed with your company name and logo and used to offer customers with detailed receipts for payments received. Graphic Tickets & Systems are known for excellent customer service with exclusive products for a range of industries. 


We offer various types of Custom Receipts that enhance the way you deal with your customers.

  1. Custom Printed Kiosk Paper Rolls
  2. Custom Printed ATM Receipt Paper Rolls
  3. Custom Printed Parking Tickets
  4. Custom Printed Security and Gaming Rolls


  • Cleaning Cards


A kiosk or self-service booth must have all the items it intends to sell. Being a kiosk vendor or a retailer, you cannot let your card reader or printer failures get in the way of your customer. Our cleaning cards can clean your entire credit card machine, printing, and mobile devices, keeping them in shape. 


Cleaning cards at Graphic Tickets & Systems are made to increase the performance of your mobile devices. Our Cleaning Cards are cost-effective and do not impact your budget. Due to the quality of our cleaning cards, you rest assured about the hygiene of your machines.  Enhance your kiosk with products that your customer want from you. 


  • Conclusion


You are a Kiosk and Self-Service provider, and Graphic Tickets & Systems can be your inventory. Become your customers’ favorite by adding quality kiosk solutions for a positive response. We help you organize your kiosk and self-service booths. Even though you don’t own a kiosk, you can leverage your booth with high-quality print tickets, custom print receipts, coupons, maps, advertisements, or cleaning cards. These are designed to match your customers’ needs and demands.


We have your back in providing the right Point of Sale solutions to your customers and creating brand awareness within a pocket-friendly budget. So you only need to decide what things you want to sell at your kiosk and ask us to deliver that to you. 

Order your kiosk solutions from Graphic Tickets & Systems today!

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