Good quality ATM paper is only one part of having a well-functioning POS system. The most important part is to have a proper POS machine that can provide your customers with legible prints on high-quality printer paper.

At Graphic Tickets and Systems, it has always been a mission to create thermal paper rolls that suit all of your needs. Hence, here is why we have created the  HP FK224AA series paper, which is compatible with the HP FK224AA Thermal Receipt Printer.  

The HP FK224AA thermal printer is the perfect solution as it has good performance, increased space efficiency, and is reliable when used as a retail POS system. This printer also can get in touch with customers regarding store promotions, logos, and on-sale products. So here is some very important info that is useful in your search for HP FK224AA thermal printer compatible thermal receipt printer paper rolls and other supplies.

About HP FK224AA receipt printer paper rolls

The printer paper rolls used in the HP FK224AA thermal printer paper are specially created for this type of printing machine from HP. The thermal printer created for the FK224A printer is best suited for printing receipts in color and black and white.  In addition, due to the highest print resolution of 203 dpi, the user can get high-quality prints on thermal paper. Also, the speed at which black and white prints are done at 74 lps, and color prints are completed with 44 lps.

The HP FK224AA receipt printer paper size should be wider than the print width of 3.15 inches to properly place the paper into the printer machine. Now that you have learned a little about the specifications of the printer paper compatible with the HP FK224AA series printer.

What is the standard paper size that HP FK224AA Printer Thermal Paper Rolls use?

When searching for the most suitable thermal paper roll for the HP FK224AA  printer, it is necessary to ensure that the roll paper selected matches the specifications of the thermal printer. The footprint of the printer is 5.7 x 5.3 x 7.2 in height, width, and depth. Alternately the width of the thermal paper roll has a standard diameter of 80mm by 90mm. Also, the paper thickness should have a thickness range of around 2.0 to 3.4 mils. Therefore, any thermal or roll paper close to this range is a good choice as HP FK224AA Powered USB Thermal Receipt Printer paper rolls.

HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturer and Supplier

The experts at Graphic Tickets and Systems have been supplying thermal paper printer rolls to several different industries and businesses for more than 20 years. The company has always placed its importance on high-quality products. Therefore, with the help of the latest technology, the company has created thermal paper rolls that are compatible with the HP FK224A thermal paper printer.

Additionally, the thermal paper suppliers for Graphic Tickets and Systems are carefully selected to maintain quality. The warehouses are also well-stocked and can deliver in a short period. These reasons have made Graphic Tickets and Systems popular for delivery’s shortest turnaround time. Also, the dedication to high-quality thermal paper has made it possible for them to become the most popular company to fulfill supplies and manufactures of ATM papers.

Best uses of HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls

Previously, you got to know why Graphic Tickets and Systems are the best sources to procure thermal paper rolls for the HP FK224AA thermal printer. It is now time to understand the best uses for the thermal paper suited for HP FK224AA.

Due to the direct thermal printing method as well as two-color receipt printing options, the thermal paper can be used in the following ways:

  • POS and credit card receipts

Point-of-Sale systems and credit card-based payment use the HP FK224AA series printer compatible thermal paper for their receipts.

  • ATM receipts

ATMs are now using thermal paper to print receipts. The HP FK224AA printer and compatible thermal printer roll can print receipts for ATM-based transactions.

  • Hospital records

With the help of the HP FK224AA thermal printer and the thermal paper roll, you can easily create hospital records from ECG machines, ultrasound machines. These are great ways to maintain health records properly.

  • Tickets

The HP FK224A compatible printer paper can print tickets for different events, lucky draws, and other promotional materials. Additionally, due to the longevity of the thermal paper, these are used as parking tickets, amusement rides, and other areas where a clear and legible print helps in faster and easier scanning.

The uses for HP FK224AA thermal printer and its compatible thermal paper have been explained in this section. Now, it’s time to know the best-suited thermal paper size for the HP FK224AA thermal printer.

Biggest paper roll size that will work for HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls

When using the HP FK224AA thermal printer, there might be a lot of debate about which paper size should be placed into the thermal printer. The printer’s dimensions are 6.5 inches x 11.4 inches x 6.6 inches. With these mentioned printing machine dimensions, the largest thermal paper roll that can fit into the machine depends on how much the pin on the thermal printing machine can hold. According to the capacity of the pin, Graphic Tickets and Systems can manufacture the largest paper roll size that can be placed into the HP FK224AA thermal printer.

Choose Graphic Tickets for Your HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls

Graphic Tickets and Systems are the best-suited organization to meet all your thermal paper rolls needs, including the HP FK224AA thermal printing machine. Due to their long-standing expertise and evolving technology in manufacturing thermal paper for various industries. Also, the following principles have been the main focus to maintain the quality of thermal paper rolls being created:

  • High-quality thermal paper rolls at low costs
  • Commitment to providing the best products for customers
  • Progressive thought and initiative for new products
  • 20 years of experience on the printing floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a 2-ply carbonless paper roll in my HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls?

A 2-ply carbonless paper roll can be placed into the HP FK224AA Series thermal printer. However, as it is not the same as a thermal paper roll, nothing will be printed on it, and the 2-ply carbonless paper will be blank even after the printing process is completed.

How do I clean my HP FK224AA Thermal Printer?

The best way to clean your HP FK224AA thermal printer is to use either of the following cleaning agents:
Cleaning cards can clean the print and occasionally remove any build-up on the rollers.
Print head cleaning pens are useful in quick cleaning and should be replaced after around ten uses.
Isopropyl alcohol is the safest cleaning agent and helps in the smooth operation of the HP FK224AA thermal printer.

What is the thickness and length of HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls?

The thickness and length of the HP FK224AA series thermal printer rolls are as follows:
Thickness: 80mm x 90mm
Paper roll length: 90 rolls.

How many HP FK224AA Series Printer Thermal Paper Rolls can be purchased at one time?

Depending on the needs of the POS system, you can store as many thermal paper rolls as you need in a cool dark place away from temperature changes or light.

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