Grocery Store & Supermarket Industry Solutions


The grocery and supermarket industry plays a vital role in everyone’s life, especially if you are a grocer or food-chain owner; you need always to brace up. You have to manage many affairs to stay relevant to shoppers and offer excellent services while keeping a record of all your inventory to avoid being short of grocery supplies that your customers need.  


We enable grocery stores and supermarkets to stay ahead in the competitive grocery retail market with unmatched products at your disposal. Whether you want Weigh Scale Labels, Cleaning Cards, Butcher Paper, Custom Printed Receipts, or Self-Checkout Paper Rolls & Cleaning Supplies, we’re ready to cater to your needs. We at Graphics Ticket & Systems are here to assist you in achieving your business goals with quality and personalization.


To empower you and your business, we offer top-notch grocery store sales paper items that can impact your overall brand image and increase your customer footprint. Making sure you are always getable for your shoppers is important for your business. So, you must offer your customers the right Point of Sale experience because how you deliver your product is as important as what you deliver to your end customers. 


Point of Sale Paper Rolls


At Graphics Ticket & Services, we want you to have everything your store needs to sell effortlessly. Therefore, a wide selection of Point of Sale Paper Rolls is brought to you by Graphic Tickets & Systems. 


We bring varied Thermal Paper Rolls that allow you to spend less time replacing receipt rolls during peak hours. Our premium quality Thermal Paper Rolls helps you in more than one way. 


Some best-in-class features of Thermal Paper Rolls are:

  • Quality paper rolls that prevent frequent jamming
  • extends the head life of the print
  • Produce superb image quality 
  • ease of billing
  • Our Point of Sale Paper Rolls is certified for use with NCR, Epson, Star, Toshiba, Citizen and other Grocery Store Thermal Printers. 


Shop our prominent 3 1/8″ Thermal Paper Rolls, the perfect fit for your grocery store usage. Also, our 2 1/4″ Thermal Paper Rolls are great for  POS printers, credit card terminals, cash registers, and mobile/handheld printers.


POS Device Cleaning


POS devices are important to clean as they are the most used and shared devices among employees. It is a nice habit to keep your surroundings neat and clean; when you are a retailer, it is even more critical to do so. Keep your customers, employees, and yourself safe from germs and contain them before they erupt by keeping your POS devices spotless and doing it smartly. 


Hence, to keep your POS systems clean, you should use ammonia-free cleaners that are touchscreen friendly. However, if you are unsure which POS device cleaner to buy, go for our powerful cleaning solution. Trust us in supplying you with the best-in-class customer-centric products for your grocery store sales paper needs. 


Weigh Scale Labels


Our Weigh Scale Labels are designed and manufactured to meet scale manufacturers’ standards. With impeccable Weigh Scale Labels, Graphic Tickets & Systems provide top-quality products with increased efficiency and high reliability. In addition, our Weigh and pay stores solutions like Scale Labels offer fewer jams, more accurate scans, longer print head life and labels that work through vast temperature ranges and backdrops.


  • Fewer Jams – If you want to have weigh scale labels that don’t jam as often, you are at the right place. Your grocery store needs these high-quality Weigh Scale Labels due to their coated cores, strong adhesives, and easy-release adhesion to the cores. 
  • Top Quality Paper – Our direct thermal face stock is rigorously tested and crafted with an intense white texture that will provide enhanced clarity and better scanning.
  • Increased Print Head Life – Our high-susceptibility face paper and quality coat curtail wear to the print head, increasing its life.
  • Tested Adhesives – We offer standard food-grade adhesives to make your grocery and supermarket business convenient. Our quality adhesives work with glass, poly, plastic, and wax in different temperature spheres.


Self Checkout Paper Rolls & Cleaning Supplies


If you are a retailer or a supermarket manager, you must have a brimming inventory of grocery and supermarket industry solutions that always remain in demand. If you are a merchant or a supermarket manager, you know how important it is to keep a good stock of grocery store Paper Rolls and Cleaning Supplies for easy self-checkouts. 


We offer effective cleaning products that can adhere to every cleaning need, whether home, office or bathroom. These are cost-effective and do not make a hole in your pocket, increasing customer trust in your store. 


Custom Printed Receipts


Some products help you rediscover your retailing goals. For example, our Custom Printed Receipts offer you and your customers a delightful Point of Sale experience. When you bill your customers on cash receipts printed and customized with your company’s name, logo, and other relevant information, it adds value to your brand identity. In addition, it exemplifies how you engage with your shoppers and how they see you. 


Our Custom Printed Receipts are designed with precision and brilliance to assist your daily grocery and supermarket needs. It gives your customer the power to keep a check on their purchases and to have proof of payment with advanced features. Graphic Tickets & Services ensures you a state-of-the-art retail presentation through high-quality products. 


Butcher Paper & Kraft Paper


We supply a variety of Butcher Papers and Kraft Packaging Paper Rolls for packaging meats, sandwiches, seafood, and other food items. Graphics Tickets & Systems also offer quality paper rolls for wrapping flowers, gifts, and many other uses.

If you own a grocery shop, you must have Butcher Papers for packing all kinds of food and materials that need wrapping. For example, raw food is mostly wrapped in butcher paper, a compulsory part of a meat shop. Our premium quality Butcher Paper retains your food’s moisture, freshness, and color.

Kraft paper is nonstick and heat-resistant. Therefore, it is a good choice for oven cooking as it will not burn your food. You can easily get a stock of Kraft Paper to add abundance to your store from Graphic Tickets & Systems. 




Mitigate your grocery supply challenges by keeping an adequate inventory by checking in at our Graphic Tickets & Services store. We offer you a wide array of grocery and supermarket solutions ranging from Thermal Paper Rolls, Station Rolls, Custom Paper Receipts, Cleaning Supplies, Butcher Paper, and Kraft Paper. 


Our premium quality grocery store paper products are vital in making your day productive and building an impressive brand image. We are experts in accommodating all your business needs centred on the grocery and supermarket industries. Our products are produced with an advanced mechanism that offers nothing but comfort to your selling and payments operations and customer satisfaction. 

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