Graphic Tickets & Systems creates competitively priced products with custom features and innovative ideas. We create products, such as slot machine voucher paper, Keno Paper Rolls, and Custom Gaming Rolls, allowing casinos to give their players the best experience. In addition to our great prices, we offer various products that you could use as an upgrade for items in your vibrant casino & gaming business. 


We offer a full-scale line of paper products for the printing needs of your business. Our products include custom-length tickets and slips, ticket stubs, media sheets, and lottery tickets. 


Keno Gaming Paper Rolls


Keno Gaming Paper Rolls are perfect for your Keno terminal thermal printer. Our premium-grade thermal paper is made with heavyweight paper to ensure your tickets stay readable and legible in all weather conditions. We also can provide Top-Coated Papers for additional image protection of your bar codes.


Look for the best Keno Gaming Paper Rolls on our website. We carry a variety of Keno Gaming Paper Rolls in several colors and sizes, so you’ll find the perfect fit for your gaming business.


Custom Security & Gaming Rolls


Custom Security & Gaming Rolls are a great addition to your fraud prevention program. With our brilliantly designed and carefully produced custom-printed gaming rolls, you can pre-print security features such as UV visible inks, sequential numbering, and void pantographs. In addition, Custom Security & Gaming rolls are available in various sizes and colors at Graphic Tickets & Systems for a wide variety of usage. 


We also offer standard gaming rolls, that simultaneously enhances how you deal with your players and is security. You can save enormously with our intelligently made custom security & gaming rolls as it saves you from casino voucher theft


Stock & Custom Receipts


We offer a variety of casino-specific Kiosk Rolls and POS receipt rolls, including Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls, Carbonless Paper Rolls and Bond Paper Rolls. In addition, we can Custom Print with the addition of color, logos, promos, disclaimers, etc., on any receipt roll, from register receipts to Kiosk & ATM receipts, for your casino’s needs! So no matter the application—from ATM receipt paper to casino Kiosk rolls—we can help you design a custom-printed receipt solution that suits your casino & gaming needs!


Cleaning Cards


Keep your slot readers, security access card readers, ticket printers, credit card readers and validators clean to prevent further damage and make the impact you want. Our cleaning products help remove adhesives and dirty residue from your thermal printers & liner-free label printing devices. In addition, regular use of Cleaning Cards helps prevent expensive maintenance and replacement costs. Our products also help extend the life of your casino’s equipment by protecting it from corrosion and wear. Shop our wide selection of Card Reader Cleaning Cards today.




Suppose you are in the Gaming and Casino Industry and looking for the perfect shop for all your gaming paper rolls and tickets to stay ahead in your field. Graphic Tickets & Systems is the perfect destination for all your Gaming & Casino Industry needs, regardless of your order size. In addition, you can add security features, company policies, logos, and other information to our excellent products. We specialize in providing quality gaming & casino products for all business sizes.

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