What Automation Means for Kiosk Manufacturers

April 18th, 2017 by

The world is becoming increasingly automated. As more and more customer transactions occur through kiosks, human interactions in retail settings could one day become a thing of the past. This move to automation will represent a significant boon to the kiosk industry, and by extension, manufacturers of kiosk receipt paper rolls. Following are just a few immediate examples of how automation is currently leading to increases in kiosk usage:

1) The Amazon Locker:

Amazon has come out with a self-serve kiosk known as Amazon Locker. Customers can opt to have their packages delivered to a secure locker at a participating retail store such as a 7-Eleven instead of their home. Once their package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, customers receive an email with a pickup code and the address and open times for their selected locker. The customer then goes to that location and enters the pickup code on the kiosk touchscreen to retrieve their order.

2) Staples Omnichannel Kiosks:

In another example, Staples has deployed kiosks in its “omnichannel stores,” a move that allowed the company to cut the size of its stores in half and provide access to many products not on the stores’ shelves. The kiosks offer product information that can help shoppers identify the items they need based on their past Staples purchases. The customer can then use a credit card to purchase these items at the kiosk, bypassing the checkout counter.

3) Starbucks Self-Serve Kiosk:

In an effort to improve speed of service and maintain quality control, the specialty coffee giant integrated what’s known in the coffee trade as “bean-to-cup” brewer technology into a touchscreen kiosk. The bean-to-cup system grinds beans that sit in a hopper within the kiosk. The kiosk allows consumers to serve themselves and pay via credit or debit card.

Expect kiosks to begin proliferating the market as more retailers turn to automation. And many of these new kiosks will require receipt paper to complete the transactions. It will be important to partner with an experienced thermal paper roll supplier who can ensure that the right paper is selected and manufactured to fit emerging machine specs.

At Graphic Tickets & Systems, we stay abreast of emerging technologies to ensure we have the right products and equipment to serve contemporary, and future, needs. If you’re a kiosk manufacturer seeking a supplier who can keep up with industry innovation, please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.

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  1. Due to the demand of kiosk many big organization started adopting this self service technology to provide their customers a better way of ordering things and people love this personalized approach of technology. It’s gradually spreading popularity across everywhere.

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