Use Color To Enhance Thermal Paper Receipts

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Many of our customers ask us to custom print advertisements on their thermal paper receipts. As we’ve shown in previous posts, advertising on thermal paper receipts is one of the most impactful and cost effective methods of advertising available to retailers and financial institutions. The appearance of these ads is paramount to their success. And, according to a recent study conducted by The Michael Allen Company in conjunction with TNS Intersearch, adding color to the ad on your thermal paper receipt significantly boots its performance. Following outlines the findings of their research.

Color Generates Positive Attitudes Towards Brands
Adding color branding on receipts may be the most powerful way to use POS printer technology as a communications vehicle. Displaying the logo and a message in color will go a long way toward aligning the store experience with the brand experience. Your receipts then communicate with your customers in real time with messages that are noticeable and relevant. In a fiercely competitive business environment, receipts become the brand’s voice of appreciation to customers, while building customer loyalty.

The power of adding color to receipts as a way to enhance a brand became evident when consumers were asked what they thought of the company represented on the color receipt. They had overwhelmingly good things to say.

Color Doubles Consumer Awareness
A typical receipt today is one-color only, most often in black. The researchers in this study showed consumers a sample black-and-white receipt with a promotion on it to see if they noticed the promotion. Even given the unusual situation of being asked to look at a receipt, only 31% of the consumers noticed the offer within three seconds. Another 21% noticed it after three seconds. That means that even after they were given some time, only about 50% noticed the promotion.

Adding color to the receipts more than doubled the number of people who noticed the offer within three seconds. More than 80% of consumers who were shown receipts with two-color logos, promotion messages and coupons noticed them within three seconds. After three seconds, a total of 90% noticed the offer.

Color is Power
Research done by Pantone® and the Pantone Institute, internationally recognized authorities on color, demonstrates the power of color: “Memory retention studies tell us that consumers are up to 78% more likely to remember a word or phrase printed in color than in black and white. The human eye is drawn to color. Color activates the right brain, while the printed word activates the left brain. When color is combined with the written word, it impacts consumers with the triple whammy of greater recall, recognition and attention.”

Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Impact of Color on Consumer Purchase Behavior, speech at Retail Systems 2000, April 17, 2000. Eiseman is an industry color consultant and also the author of Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color, Grafix Press.

Color Brings Customers Back
Customer loyalty also increases when you add color to receipts. Not only does it increase total return visits by an average of 62%, adding color increases the frequency of visits between one and two times a month, depending on store type.

Multiply the 62% average monthly increase in visits by average monthly revenue, and see that color is a simple way to generate more income. Even chains realizing a more modest overall increase in sales are generating new revenue that wouldn’t have been there before.

Increasing revenue may be the most tangible result of using color receipts as communications tools, but the boost to brand image may ultimately be the most valuable. A color receipt is not merely a utilitarian transaction confirmation, but a strong link to a customer’s next visit.

At Graphic Tickets & Systems we regularly custom print full color ads on the backs of ATM paper, Kiosk paper, POS paper, and more. Contact us to learn more ways to generate revenue with your thermal paper. Let’s Make Every Transaction Count.

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