All You Need to Know About Thermal Paper

April 23rd, 2015 by

Like anything else, there’s often more to producing and purchasing thermal paper than meets the eyes. There are various types of thermal paper products, and certain types work better with particular machines. There are different degrees of quality, some of which will have subtle-to-significant impacts on performance. There is paper that is more eco-friendly than others, and paper made with chemicals your customers may want to avoid. There are strategic ways to purchase and store paper to save money. There are innovative custom printing options that can help drive revenue. And there are ways to forecast fluctuations in paper costs in order to safeguard your budgets.

At Graphic Tickets & Systems we take thermal paper seriously. It’s our passion, our expertise. And we’re committed to helping our customers make the most educated selections for their specific needs and machines. This is why we have created an online platform through which we communicate everything there is to know about thermal paper, catering to users of ATM Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, POS Paper, Kiosk Paper, Mobile Printing Paper, and more.

If you’re responsible for purchasing thermal paper for your company, we invite you to connect with us. Following are the various channels through which we convey all of our valuable information.

Our Blog

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We have a company page on Facebook where we share news and information on an ongoing basis. This is a great place to ask us questions or engage with a community of people who have similar thermal paper needs.

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How do we distribute news about thermal paper in 140 characters or less? Easily, we use Twitter like a news feed with article headlines and links to where you can find the full information. This is a great place to get the latest news from us to share with the people in your network.

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Let’s partner up. LinkedIn is the go-to place for establishing and maintaining business connections. We routinely post new industry related articles through our corporate page. Connect with us to stay up to date.

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ATM Marketplace

ATM is the #1 source for ATM industry related news and information. We provide this premier network with informative industry-related white papers and monthly news articles that you can access for free.

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At Graphic Tickets & Systems, our mission is to Make Every Transaction Count. This includes providing customers with the information they need to become product experts. Please contact us to discuss any of our thermal paper products, or to receive a free quote.

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